Weekly Designer Spotlight 15 | Dada NFTs
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March 20th, 2022

It’s the fifteenth week of the Designer Weekly Spotlight and for this edition we are featuring Dada NFTs!

Dada NFTs is made up of a duo of creators that continue to smash idols and break the boundaries of what’s possible at the intersection of decentralisation, NFTs and fashion design. They incorporate the characteristics and movement of Dadaism into their works, bringing to life pieces that transcend beyond just the pixels and digital materials used in their construct. You might have seen some of their most recent pieces rocking the screens during Realm Runway #1, where we couldn’t have been more proud and excited to have them involved in pushing forth what’s possible at the intersection of IRL and online.

  • You can follow them on Twitter here.
  • Check out their full web3 fashion GDN profile here.

Treasury Web3 Fashion Vault Purchases

Under the designer spotlight, both the DIGITALAX + GDN Treasuries have purchased one each of Dada NFTs’ live pieces from the DIGITALAX web3 fashion marketplace which will be held in the treasury vaults.

DIGITALAX Vault Purchase

Item: Dada and the City- 30 Rock

GDN Vault Purchase

Item: D Big Bang

Autobiographical Entry from Dada NFTs

Two loyal people, ripped off again and again, decide to sublimate anger and create indecent stuff.

Wish we could have had a more poetic incipit but sometimes creativity sparks in the dark, just like in Caravaggio's chiaroscuro.

Dada(-ism) is key to our parallel world that no one knows about (the power of THE SECRET). After years in the haute-couture sector, from the hand-made embroideries to the most glamorous shootings with David Bellemere and Mario Testino, one of us, also tired of lawyering day in and day out in a "prestigious" firm, decided to go solo.

Leaving it all behind. Starting fresh, new, BOLD. The rational engineer, next to the crazy lawyer writing, observed and observed. The engineer has always had a thought, an opinion on the various artistic and fashion endeavours. So annoying, but sometimes also...RIGHT.

So, guess what?

Now, those opinions are no longer conferred on other's people work: the rational mind finally jumped on board and applied rigorous methods, technical approaches, analytical fastidiousness to the Dada Lab.

Everything is possible in the Dada Lab, even the role reversal, where the engineer becomes the creative and courageous spirit, whereas the sorcerer becomes the skillful, studious and systematic drive.

Dada is, in essence, conception, contradiction, creation.

Web3 Renaissance Patronage

Any patronage of the Weekly Designer Spotlight goes directly to the Global Designer Network Treasury, Spotlighted Designer and Core Writer (50/35/15), for further growing out the infrastructure, community and market of web3 fashion, the open metaverse and more. For this week, the core writer was GDN member Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee.

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