The Thread Weekly | Feb 7th - Feb 27th
February 27th, 2022

The Thread Weekly is your best source for a quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in web3 fashion, the open metaverse and beyond. It’s curated and published by DIGITALAX and the Global Designer Network.

Weave your way through the threads below to get all caught up on the culture from Feb 7th - Feb 27th 2022.

Top Moments

This is not a top moment, but a really important acknowledgement.

As we are all aware, countless millions are impacted by the current Putin invasion of Ukraine. One of our very own GDN members is experiencing this first hand. All of our support goes out to her and everyone else experiencing the unimaginable during these terrible times.

Blender & CLO-3D Workshop in NYC

This week we held a Blender & CLO-3D workshop in NYC. It was a tremendous opportunity to continue spreading the essential schools necessary to exercise everyone’s right to create and to talk about the importance and relevance of cc0 in the broader context of web3.

Smart Contract NFT Deployment Workshop Rescheduled

The second event for the week was rescheduled from being held due to the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine. With everything happening the only right reaction felt clearly to take a step back and reschedule. Even though the material is directly valuable to those looking to enhance what they can do to help, sometimes it is more compassionate to take a moment to reorient and listen more first.

DIGITALAX Transitioning to Full cc0

DIGITALAX recently announced its full embrace of cc0 as an authentically enabled web3 protocol. More details will be shared on this very soon and what this means for designers and realms moving forward. All in all we couldn’t be more excited to make this next major leap and level up in core self sovereign principles and infrastructure.

Rarible $100K Web3 Fashion Grant & Shared Order Books

As the massive scale up of web3 fashion, the open metaverse and all other networked complements continues, Rarible is collaborating with the DIGITALAX ecosystem to directly enable more advanced engineering and market discovery infrastructure. One of the most catalytic parts of this grant and deployment is the shared order book and liquidity features. Shared order books increase verifiable and immutable on-chain transparency and accuracy of the market picture available to all market participants. It allows the combined informational resources of many mutually aligned marketplaces to gain the upper hand in direct competition with single point of failure siloed marketplace behemoths like a Goldman or a JPM in traditional finance, or Opensea as a centralised interface for NFT markets.

Realm Runway #1: New York Fashion Week

Just two weeks ago we successfully completed the very first Realm Runway event with the Global Designer Network and Global Models Syndicate. It was such an amazing experience and there are definitely more to come on the horizon!


The release of DIGIFIZZY Issue 10. Almost hard to believe that it’s been 10 full months since we released the first metaverse magazine. You can read the full February release here. For this month we are dedicating 100% of proceeds from Magazine Bundles to Ukraine DAO.

Welcome New Designers!

A massively warm welcome to;

  • Iana Van Aken
  • Meryin3D
    • Mery has been 3D designer in Fashion Industry for a long time.
  • Zinoharo
    • CEO and Co-Founder of fashion tech company Uni-ke, 30 Under 30 Hispanic Executive in 2021. Industry experiences include cybersecurity, fashion design (collaborations with New York and Seoul fashion weeks since 2017), music distribution, and Web3 digital art.

If any of you have any questions, queries or need help navigating the depths of web3 fashion, the open metaverse and more, let us know in the GDN or DIGITALAX discords! We are so excited for the journey ahead.

Web3 Fashion DAO Governance Voting

  • DIGITALAX (Upcoming Voting) Note that the proposals live this week have been carried on from last week due to voting issues with Snapshot.
    • There are currently active DIGITALAX Improvement Proposals (DIPs) on the DIGITALAX governance forum for commentary before they go live to Snapshot tomorrow.
      • DIP-048— Thirteenth vote for the luxury category in the indie Web3 Fashion index.
      • DIP-049— Designer Spotlight vote for Week Thirteen.
      • DIP-050— Vote for DIGITALAX Treasury NFT purchase for the Designer Weekly Spotlight.
    • DIGITALAX (Last Week’s Proposal Outcomes)
      • DIP-045— fashion by howiseedatworld was ranked highest in the Luxury sector for the iW3Fi.
      • DIP-046— Hafidmx was voted highest for the Designer Weekly Spotlight and will be featured this week!
      • DIP-047— Cinderella #1 Suit by Clothes_3D was added to the DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Vault.
  • Global Designer Network (LIVE Snapshot Fashion Improvement Proposals)
    • FIP-025— GDN Treasury Vault purchase of one of the spotlighted designer’s, live marketplace NFTs. Closing March 4th 3am EST.
  • Global Designer Network (Closed Proposals)

Web3 Fashion Treasury Vaults

  • DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Treasury Vault. View Vault here.
    • Last week Cinderella #2 by Clothes_3D was purchased and added to the DIGITALAX Vault.
  • GDN Web3 Fashion Treasury Vault. View Vault here.
    • Last week Cinderella #1 by Clothes_3D was purchased and added to the Global Designer Network Vault.

Best of Indie Web3 Fashion NFTs

Upcoming Designer Spotlight

Hafidmx 💫 💫 💫 💫

Make sure to follow Hafidmx on twitter as we get ready for a week of awesome designer action! This designer spotlight will be proceeding from Feb 28th.

Spaces, Houses & Other Speaking Events

There are always more seats at the table in web3 fashion, join us for our next Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse event or other speaking engagements!

  • NYC Smart Contract Deployment Workshop
    • Thursday March 3rd 7:30pm
  • Realm Weekly Call
    • DIGITALAX Discord, Wednesday March 2nd 3pm EST
  • Designer Spotlight Spaces
    • Wednesday 12pm CST, DIGITALAX Twitter Spaces
  • Twitter Spaces - @0xycesh:
    • Spaces with Style | Thursday March 3rd, 2021 at 18hr UTC / 11 AM PT

Key iW3Fi (indie Web3 Fashion index) Data

The Best of W3F Memes

We couldn’t call ourselves a truly authentic web3 crypto community if we didn’t round out with some in-house designed degen style memes 😂… Enjoy…..😂

Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (

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