The Thread Weekly | Jan 3rd - Jan 9th
January 13th, 2022

The Thread Weekly is your best source for a quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in web3 fashion, the open metaverse and beyond. It’s curated and published by DIGITALAX and the Global Designer Network.

Weave your way through the threads below to get all caught up on the culture from Jan 3rd - Jan 9th 2022.

Top Moments

Realm Runway Tickets Go Live

The inaugural Realm Runway event is edging nearer in time for New York Fashion Week… and we just went live with tickets! Pay in crypto, fiat, or stake $W3F LP to receive your NFT and attend the hottest metaverse native digifizzy event!

This event is co-hosted by DIGITALAX, the Global Designer Network and Global Models Syndicate and will be held on the evening of February 11th 2022, exact location in NYC to be revealed closer to the date.

RRS DAO Launch

The RRS DAO is also the latest dedicated buy side web3 fashion DAO to launch in collaboration between F₃Manifesto, Alana & Progression.

This DAO is dedicated to sponsor relations, coordination and governance for the Realm Runway activities and scaling these events around the globe. You can read more about the DAO here and purchase a sponsorship NFT here.

First AU.DEO Realm Community Call

AU.DEO realm ran their first community call this week, covering everything music x fashion and teasing some exciting new projects that are in the works in line with the Realm Runway events and also further shattering exploitative frameworks at the intersection of music and fashion.

Did you know that patterns were passed down by weavers through chanting and rhythm? The ties between beats and fabrics don’t get more intertwined than that!

You can view the community call recording below in case you missed it live!

Kaia Joins the Web3 Digi Models

A new digi model entered the scene and will be walking the 3D runways. Meet Kaia, summoned by Cryptsie. Read more about all of the web3 digi models here.

Web3 Fashion & Metaverse Fabrication Goes IRL to Brooklyn, NY

If you are based in the New York area join us on Monday night (Jan 17th) for an awesome fireside chat on all things web3 fashion & metaverse fabrication with Emma and Hamzah from Polygon Network!

Pizza, drinks & DJ providedddd!!! You can RSVP here.

BNT Swaggggerrr Jaggerrrrrr

Alma repped some Bancor DRIP this week. Not much to say other than it looks mighty fine. DeFi x Fashion just keeps heating up!!!

Across the Realms

Each week every designer is releasing rich content across medium, mirror, twitter and more as they build out their realm and forge their path ahead. Make sure to stay up to date across the releases in their realm channels in the DIGITALAX discord, and check out some of the most recent releases below!

Welcome New Designers!

A massively warm welcome to;

  • Justice
    • Justice Has a BFA in fashion design and has been creating 3D fashion for 2 years. He has been showcased at the Cheekwood Museum in Nashville TN. He has also created costumes for Jake Wesley Roger's 2020 NorthAmerican tour. Justice designs in the realm of perception, in which what you see on the outside is not what is on the inside of the wearer.
  • Edgy Fancy
    • Support fashion designers in Web3 strategy to establish and grow their brand - looking for custom dresses - learn about the designers journey & how to co-create
  • Koskatrine
    • I'm designer of digital clothes from Kyiv,Ukraine. I have been in the fashion industry for more than 5 years and decided to create my own design.Dream and everything will work out!
  • Sylvia
    • HEISEL design lab for fashion technology. 3D printing, digital fashion, and sustainable manufacturing. mostly 3D printed clothes and fashion installations.
  • Dawn Studio
    • Art is my passion! I like spending time learning about designing, NFT, engineering, social medias, climate change, environment.
  • Rentashi
    • Rentashi is a brand in the making from Valencia, Spain. Its aim is to join both, our virtual and our physical life by creating different collections of wearable NFT. The future of fashion will be phygital.

If any of you have any questions, queries or need help navigating the depths of web3 fashion, the open metaverse and more, let us know in the GDN or DIGITALAX discords! We are so excited for the journey ahead.

Web3 Fashion DAO Governance Voting

  • DIGITALAX (Upcoming Voting)
    • There are currently active DIGITALAX Improvement Proposals (DIPs) on the DIGITALAX governance forum for commentary before they go live to Snapshot tomorrow.
      • DIP-030— Nineth vote for the luxury category in the indie Web3 Fashion index.
      • DIP-031— Designer Spotlight vote for Week Ten.
      • DIP-032— Vote for DIGITALAX Treasury NFT purchase for the Designer Weekly Spotlight.
      • DIP-033— Realm Fashion Collection Feedback Loop #2
    • DIGITALAX (Last Week’s Proposal Outcomes)
      • DIP-026— Little Black Suit by AVA3D was ranked highest in the Luxury sector for the iW3Fi.
      • DIP-027The Islander Studio was voted highest for the Designer Weekly Spotlight and will be featured this week!
      • DIP-028— Nova by Jessica James was added to the DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Vault.
      • DIP-029— Superhero #29 was voted as the highest First Dungeon character.
  • Global Designer Network (LIVE Snapshot Fashion Improvement Proposals)
    • FIP-019— GDN Treasury Vault purchase of one of the spotlighted designer’s, The Islander Studio’s live marketplace NFTs. Closing Jan 14th 3am EST.
  • Global Designer Network (Closed Proposals)

Web3 Fashion Treasury Vaults

  • DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Treasury Vault. View Vault here.
    • Last week Nova by Jessica James was purchased and added to the DIGITALAX Vault.
  • GDN Web3 Fashion Treasury Vault. View Vault here.
    • Last week Astrea by Jessica James was purchased and added to the Global Designer Network Vault.

Upcoming Designer Spotlight

The Islander Studio 💫 💫 💫 💫

Make sure to follow The Islander Studio (Maria Pulido) on twitter as we get ready for a week of awesome designer action! This designer spotlight will be proceeding from Jan 9th.

Latest FGO Mints

This week Zevenchy made some amazing mass mints, bringing more of that open sauciness goodness to the FGO libraries. You can check out some of the mints below and view the full collection under their designer profiles.

Check Out the Best of this Week’s Indie Web3 Fashion NFTs

Designer Realms Launch: Indie Web3 Fashion Fleet

  • Check out the full designer realm blueprint here and also the web3 patrons here for decentralising the buy side and opening up further strengthened value conduits for web3 fashion.
  • Stay up to date with all designer realms in the DIGITALAX discord specified channels.



Tales of Web3 Tailors Podcast | Track 13

Check out the latest Web3 Tailors Podcast where we sat down with dplusgraphics! dplusgraphics was first inspired to enter the web3 space after an unfortunate but also far too common failing by the traditional financial system. From there, he started to explore more of the digital fashion space and the power of NFTs through provenance, transparency and undercutting malicious middlemen. The rest is history- he's planning his first realm launch with a really exciting focus around sports based fashion and jerseys for metaverse native football teams and more!

Listen here. 😍

Spaces, Houses & Other Speaking Events

There are always more seats at the table in web3 fashion, join us for our next Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse event or other speaking engagements!

  • Twitter Spaces - @KALAU & @0xycesh:
    • Spaces with Style | Thursday Jan 13th , 2021 at 18hr UTC / 11 AM PT

Upcoming GDN Member Deadlines

Attention to all GDN members, see below the top priorities and deadlines for this week and message in the discord if there are any questions or queries!

  1. Patrons Utility NFT Tiers Curation + Gitbook Documentation
  2. Realm Runway Event— submit all designs by Feb 1st 2022 including render files and animations.
  3. Nuremberg event submissions here. Coordinate with Gabriel for further details.

Key iW3Fi (indie Web3 Fashion index) Data

The Best of W3F Memes

We couldn’t call ourselves a truly authentic web3 crypto community if we didn’t round out with some in-house designed degen style memes 😂… Enjoy…..😂

Created by Saso (
Created by Saso (

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