The Thread Weekly | Jan 24th - Feb 6th

The Thread Weekly is your best source for a quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in web3 fashion, the open metaverse and beyond. It’s curated and published by DIGITALAX and the Global Designer Network.

Weave your way through the threads below to get all caught up on the culture from Jan 24th - Feb 6th 2022.

Top Moments

Williamsburg Hotel Models + Designers Fireside Chat

DIGITALAX hosted another event at the Williamsburg Hotel on Monday with another incredible turnout— from designers, to models, to financiers, to web3 enthusiasts and more! The fireside chat with Emma-Jane and Jonathan Spooner was a whole lot of fun and refreshing conversation about the real scale up with NFTs and the metaverse, detached from so much of the hype that we are bombarded with by traditional media.

Check out some photos below and stay tuned for the next one:

Realm Runway Lead Up

Things have been hectic leading up to the first Realm Runway event Feb 12th during NY Fashion Week. We have an upcoming dress rehearsal at LUME this Tuesday with all designers and models taking part in the show. If you are NYC local its essential you attend so that we can cover all final logistics!

Free Photoshoot Creative Slam Session NYC GMS/GDN

On Wednesday night we ran the very first Creative Slam Session (CSS) as a free photoshoot event. Creative Slam Sessions bring together artists, designers, models, musicians, photographers and more for a truly decentralised in-person exchange of creativity that can't be constrained. All content was CC0 and will be shared shortly to all designers and models… final curation and editing taking place today!

One of the most satisfying parts of this event, and definitely of the ones to come, is the unbridled creativity. There are no limits when passionate talents at the intersection of different fields and industries get together to do cool shit. No middlemen needed.

Open Source Avatars

Another exciting update from this week comes with the launch of the Open Source Avatar Elementals library. This is similar to the FGO for the fact that it represents one of the key axiomatic and composable on-chain modules for building out the Global Models Syndicate across the digital and physical realms. Read more here.

Focusing on the Next Web3 Fashion Week

DIGITALAX announced publicly the decline to Decentraland’s upcoming Fashion Week. Maintaining full alignment with web3 principles is essential for revolutionising fashion and every other complement industry in practice, not just through linguistics. CC0, open access, decentralised capital are just a few of the most essential components. You can read the full statement below.


The release of DIGIFIZZY Issue 9 and a special feature on all new Global Models Syndicate (GMS) members. You can read the full January release here and get ready for the Issue 10 as we are already in February!

Pose, Pose, Pose

The model marketplace will be launching this week and we couldn’t be more excited to have another direct avenue for models to onboard into the fast moving now reality of web3, NFTs, the metaverse and more.

gms All Round

Nothing like a gm with a view. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

RAW Blackout Challenge

RAW ran their first Blackout Challenge highlighting members from across the realm with some salient intros and features. Go to the RAW Twitter page to see and join in on the challenge!

Swap Reps

The swagger from the photo speaks for itself…. 😎😎🔥🔥

I Dream of Digi

On this trajectory it won’t be long before we all have digital twins roaming the verse… but until then, I little dreaming did no harm

More Humanoids

And, I guess after all it’s not just dreaming?!… welcome another humanoid to the GMS

Across the Realms

Each week every designer is releasing rich content across medium, mirror, twitter and more as they build out their realm and forge their path ahead. Make sure to stay up to date across the releases in their realm channels in the DIGITALAX discord, and check out some of the most recent releases below!

Welcome New Designers!

A massively warm welcome to;

  • Zozzzers
    • Zoe is a digital fashion designer invested in bringing the psychology of the human condition into the digital space, by honouring the connections between individual and collective memories. She is building spaces to hold these memories and is ultimately working towards a research-based game space.
  • Meryin3D
    • Mery has been 3D designer in Fashion Industry for a long time.
  • thelittlethingsnyc
    • the little things NYC are unique pieces of jewelry designed to celebrate the little moments, your personality and the power of little actions. Designs are inspired by geometric shapes and real life patterns and are sustainably handcrafted in NYC.
  • (Got Yo Back)
  • OCC2021
    • Let's begin the #web3 journey together!!
  • Slamthings
    • Hi! I´m Jon, 3D generalist based in Barcelona. I like to create streewear garments with weird masks. The characters have no gender.
  • Xtian
  • ZaZaShine.blush
    • Simple, easy, an ordinary.

If any of you have any questions, queries or need help navigating the depths of web3 fashion, the open metaverse and more, let us know in the GDN or DIGITALAX discords! We are so excited for the journey ahead.

Web3 Fashion DAO Governance Voting

  • DIGITALAX (Upcoming Voting) Note that the proposals live this week have been carried on from last week due to voting issues with Snapshot.
    • There are currently active DIGITALAX Improvement Proposals (DIPs) on the DIGITALAX governance forum for commentary before they go live to Snapshot tomorrow.
      • DIP-042— Twelfth vote for the luxury category in the indie Web3 Fashion index.
      • DIP-043— Designer Spotlight vote for Week Thirteen.
      • DIP-044— Vote for DIGITALAX Treasury NFT purchase for the Designer Weekly Spotlight.
    • DIGITALAX (Last Week’s Proposal Outcomes)
      • DIP-038— Data Doesn’t Die Trash Art was ranked highest in the Luxury sector for the iW3Fi.
      • DIP-039Alana was voted highest for the Designer Weekly Spotlight and will be featured this week!
      • DIP-040— Polygon Full Body Suit by Mo’Casso was added to the DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Vault.
      • DIP-41— Creeper #9 The First Dungeon was voted as the highest First Dungeon character.
  • Global Designer Network (LIVE Snapshot Fashion Improvement Proposals)
    • FIP-023— GDN Treasury Vault purchase of one of the spotlighted designer’s, live marketplace NFTs. Closing Feb 10th 3am EST.
  • Global Designer Network (Closed Proposals)

Web3 Fashion Treasury Vaults

  • DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Treasury Vault. View Vault here.
    • Last week Polygon Full Body Suit by Mo’Casso was purchased and added to the DIGITALAX Vault.
  • GDN Web3 Fashion Treasury Vault. View Vault here.
    • Last week The Hawk Suit by Mo’Casso was purchased and added to the Global Designer Network Vault.

Upcoming Designer Spotlight

Alana 💫 💫 💫 💫

Make sure to follow Mo’Casso on twitter as we get ready for a week of awesome designer action! This designer spotlight will be proceeding from Jan 24th. Note that the Treasury Buy will be taking place this week due to Snapshot issues last week.

Latest FGO Mints

This week XRtelier and GarciaGalleries made some amazing mass mints, bringing more of that open sauciness goodness to the FGO libraries. You can check out some of the mints below and view the full collection under their designer profiles.

Designer Realms Launch: Indie Web3 Fashion Fleet

  • Check out the full designer realm blueprint here and also the web3 patrons here for decentralising the buy side and opening up further strengthened value conduits for web3 fashion.
  • Stay up to date with all designer realms in the DIGITALAX discord specified channels.

Altered Egos

Spaces, Houses & Other Speaking Events

There are always more seats at the table in web3 fashion, join us for our next Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse event or other speaking engagements!

  • Realm Runway IRL Dress Rehearsal
    • LUME, Tuesday Feb 8th 7pm EST
  • Realm Weekly Call
    • DIGITALAX Discord, Wednesday Feb 9th 3pm EST
  • Twitter Spaces - @KALAU & @0xycesh:
    • Spaces with Style | Thursday Feb 10th, 2021 at 18hr UTC / 11 AM PT
  • PW3R Session
    • Open source web3 music stream | Thursday Feb 10th, 2021 at 16:30hr UTC / 12:30 PM ET
  • Photographers NFT Onboarding Workshop
    • <9B9>, Thursday 7pm EST

Upcoming GDN Member Deadlines

Attention to all GDN members, see below the top priorities and deadlines for this week and message in the discord if there are any questions or queries!

  1. Patrons Utility NFT Tiers Curation + Gitbook Documentation
  2. Realm Runway Event— all designs to have been submitted Feb 1st.
  3. Heat DAO Collab— coordinate with Panthermodern.

Key iW3Fi (indie Web3 Fashion index) Data

The Best of W3F Memes

We couldn’t call ourselves a truly authentic web3 crypto community if we didn’t round out with some in-house designed degen style memes 😂… Enjoy…..😂

Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (

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