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November 7th, 2021

The Thread Weekly is your best source for a quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in web3 fashion, the open metaverse and beyond. It’s curated and published by DIGITALAX and the Global Designer Network.

Weave your way through the threads below to get all caught up on the culture from Nov 1st- 7th 2021.

Top Moments

Gaga Tailoring.

Alexander Kurmanin tailored some awesome outfits for a Lady Gaga Bloody Mary fan based video. You can check out the awesome 3D digital fashion below!

A Big Pay Off for Digital., led by Shayli Harrison, was granted 50,000 Euros from the City of Antwerp to further build out their vision and develop digital processes for creating amazing game-ready fashion garments. This was in response to a wider call put out by the city to further support innovative fashion projects. It’s an amazing achievement, excellent news for Mutani and the future of metaverse fashion as a whole!

FUTR E*SHCK Launches.

KALAU also released some BIG news with the FUTR E*SHCK collaborative creation coming out of Alterrage. FUTR E*SHCK combines digital fashion, eco-activism, and luxury design, with a goal to use URL to inspire IRL change.

E-waste, or electronic waste, encompasses electrical and electronic equipment that’s outdated, unwanted, or broken. That means everything from smartphones to end-of-life refrigerators. Basically, anything that runs on electricity that you’ve decided to get rid of. Globally, we only recycle 10% of our e-waste, a number that’s as shocking as it is depressing. As for the 90% we don’t recycle, it ends up getting landfilled, incinerated, or illegally traded.

Inspired to bring attention to this cause, Alterrage partnered with three motion graphic artists, NGHTWLK (Matthew Davies), YELLOSESAME (Jeffrey Huang), and MSISTEMA (Marc Ferrer) to build a world filled with larger than life, electronic-inspired scenes and fashion; paired with an informative call to action.


Some of the GDN members met IRL at NFT NYC— forget men in black, these ladies will define the new style without the need for memory wiping devices —with Di.Universe, Karina from Infinito, and Catherinetheworst.

Artem Leaves Nothing On the Table.

Artem showed us how web3 fashion is really done— get red pilled & go all in or nothing. We salute you!

Wear to Earn 30,000+ Views.

Wear 2 Earn— the fashion derivative of Play 2 Earn, where your in-game NFT skins become more than just a medium for self expression, but now also unlock yield, access and utility directly in game— got some time in the spotlight and was picked up by a well known Spanish gaming NFT Youtuber. Gaming x Fashion just got so much more global.

Welcome New Designers!

We also had new designers join us on-chain, where each was sent their official GDN Membership NFT to represent their first steps into the DAO and unlocking all the cool access and levels up that come with being part of the GDN and the amazing community surrounding web3 fashion.

A massively warm welcome to;

  • Flavia Bon
    • Design Developer IRL | Digital Designer URL Native in Fashion and Product Design - Pattern Making - Tailoring - Prototyping ______________________________________________ The future is digital and this is the path I want to go. Eager to put all my energy to combine my physical and digital skills and further develop them to join the ride through the Metaverse.
  • Keeping Distance
    • Keeping Distance is a Luxury Fashion Label escaping reality & rendering into the Metaverse. We like to call it "a trip to our vortex" where all things are possible & being in-touch with the source is your greatest gift. We will take you on a journey of what it is like to step into luxurious worlds where highest vibrations are met. Our garments aren't only meant to be fashionable but to also connect frequencies to activate natural healing, positive energy & create an experience. This will be expressed through line work, patterns, colors, & binaural beats throughout the digital design process & NFTs. Follow along, let's connect together! & remember, We Are One.
  • Miranda Marquez
    • 3D printed fashion got me into digital fashion, and digital fashion into the metaverse, now trying to connect digital wearables to printable clothing, overcoming the tension between physical and digital. Let's rethink the fashion paradigm!

If any of you have any questions, queries or need help navigating the depths of web3 fashion, the open metaverse and more, let us know in the GDN or DIGITALAX discords! We are so excited for the journey ahead!

Web3 Fashion DAO Governance Voting

  • DIGITALAX (Upcoming Voting)
    • There are currently active DIGITALAX Improvement Proposals (DIPs) on the DIGITALAX governance forum for commentary before they go live to Snapshot tomorrow.
      • DIP-003— Second vote for the luxury category in the indie Web3 Fashion index.
      • DIP-004— Designer Spotlight vote for Week two.
      • DIP-005— Vote for DIGITALAX Treasury NFT purchase for the Designer Weekly Spotlight.
    • DIGITALAX (Last Week’s Proposal Outcomes)
  • Global Designer Network (LIVE Snapshot Fashion Improvement Proposals)
    • FIP-006— Side project for creating an overview reference video for DIGITALAX and the GDN. Closing Nov 7th 11pm PST.
    • FIP-007— Side project for creating a digital fashion Meme inspired collection as a collaborative GDN project. Closing Nov 7th 11pm PST.
    • FIP-009— Project for GDN to offer PFP styling and fashion digital and physical tailoring. Closing Nov 15th 11pm PST.
    • FIP-010— GDN Treasury Vault purchase of one of the spotlighted designer’s, ENKI Digital Fashion, live marketplace NFTs. Closing Nov 10th 11pm PST.
  • Global Designer Network (Closed Proposals)
    • FIP-008— Introducing the Web3 Metaverse Fashion Interoperability Standard. Outcome: Passed.

Upcoming Designer Spotlight

ENKI Digital Fashion! 😘😘😘❤️❤️

Make sure to follow her on twitter as we get ready for a week of awesome designer action!

Latest FGO Mints

This week Mae was the most active minter to the Fractional Garment Ownership material, pattern and texture on-chain open source libraries. Check out some of the cool mints below and view the rest on her designer profile!

DXM #100469


Top Web3 Fashion Meta Source Vault Contributors

The Meta Source Vaults are building out the directly accessible content x web3 value layer for all creators, designers and metaverse dwellers, so anyone can have the tools and resources they need to join this market and level up. See the vaults here.

Check Out the Best of this Week’s Indie Web3 Fashion NFTs

Key iW3Fi (indie Web3 Fashion index) Data

Tales of Web3 Tailors Podcast | Track 7

Check out the latest Web3 Tailors Podcast where we sat down with Barbara Fontana Ozawa Eretikos Art! Barbara has been designing digital fashion since the very early days when digital fashion software applications were first launching, and since then she’s accumulated a wealth of rich experience particularly across leveraging digital to enhance what is possible IRL.

Listen here. 😍

Spaces, Houses & Other Speaking Events

There are always more seats at the table in web3 fashion, join us for our next Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse event or other speaking engagements!

  • Clubhouse - @KALAU
    • Future of Phygital with @KALAU & @Emma13 | Monday Nov 8, 2021 at 19hr UTC / 12 PM PT
  • Twitter Spaces - @KALAU & @0xycesh:
    • Spaces with Style | Thursday Nov 11, 2021 at 18hr UTC / 11 AM PT
  • Clubhouse - @Thelatamfashioncouncil:
    • Digital Fashion Council (LATAM) | Saturday, Nov 13, 2021 23hr UTC / 4 PM PT
  • Twitch Stream
    • Learn how to apply a digital dress filter with Alexander and Paola | Tuesday (09.11) from 13.00 UTC
  • Upcoming - Intro to Web 3.0 for Community Builders |  Nov 16, 2021 10 AM PT/ 17hr UTC
    • Emma-Jane is one of the featured speakers*.* RSVP here:

Upcoming GDN Member Deadlines

Attention to all GDN members, see below the top priorities and deadlines for this week and message in the discord if there are any questions or queries!

  1. DCentralCon Miami Submitting Digital Fashion NFTs + Runway Pieces - Deadline Friday, November 12, 2021
  2. GDN Purveyor’s Mirror Raids Article - Deadline Friday, Nov Nov 12, 2021

The Best of W3F Memes

We couldn’t call ourselves a truly authentic web3 crypto community if we didn’t round out with some in-house designed degen style memes 😂… Enjoy…..😂

Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Catherinetheworst (
Created by Phoebe Heess (
Created by Phoebe Heess (
Created by Saso (
Created by Saso (

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