The Thread Weekly | Dec 6th - Dec 12th
December 13th, 2021

The Thread Weekly is your best source for a quick debrief across the latest news, actions, events and happenings in web3 fashion, the open metaverse and beyond. It’s curated and published by DIGITALAX and the Global Designer Network.

Weave your way through the threads below to get all caught up on the culture from Dec 6th - Dec 12th 2021.

Top Moments

Emotional LOOK Airdrop

We took a transitional look through a range of emotions this week… mostly super happy, grateful and excited ones 😍… as Paola and Stella airdropped all LOOK holders this exclusive animated pattern NFT, a small derivate from their Transition through Emotion piece live here.

Jaw Dropping Visuals

Domingo dropped an absolutely jaw dropping visual montage of some of his most incredible works to date across the Whispers and Secrets collection. We could keep trying to come up with better combinations of words to describe this, but, just… watch it here… fashooooonnnnnn

Miami Heist Auction Begins

The Miami Heist Auction has begun and Treasury bids are in at the reserves! Start bidding here and own a piece of web3 fashion history by Infinito, Di Universe and Dylan Malfunktion!

The Fashion Alchemists

The Web3 Patrons platform is now live and the first designer realms are up! This is a massive next leap for web3 fashion and the self sovereignty of every designer. And the best part of it all is that it is bringing value to an entire network of the most stylish, talent and multi-disciplinary designers on the planet. I mean… fashion designers who are savvy enough to know how to mint NFTs straight from personal smart contracts on the Block Explorer… 👀😱😱… yeah that’s just how the GDN roles…😎😎

Check out the platform here and champion the most authentic web3 fashion labels there is.

An Exciting NFT Drop to Come

Mae dropped the cutest WAGMI animation to hint at an upcoming NFT drop… what’s in store?!!!! See the animation here.

Birthday Crowns

There was a GDN birthday this week…. Alyona aka DGTL Stylist. Keeping rocking that Metaverse native Birthday Crown 😍

Across the Realms

Each week every designer is releasing rich content across medium, mirror, twitter and more as they build out their realm and forge their path ahead. Make sure to stay up to date across the releases in their realm channels in the DIGITALAX discord, and check out some of the most recent releases below!

Welcome New Designers!

A massively warm welcome to;

  • Richa S
    • Fashion Designer| Creativity Art Enthusiast | Information Technology Buff | Dancer | Drummer Believes in Multicultural, Multidisciplinary & Immortal Fashion Graduate from British Academy of Fashion Design London Exquisite Timeless pieces & Haute Couture with elaborate intricate elements. VISION To design experiences of places to be, universes to feel, encapsulated into a moment frozen in time that can be lived over and again with the feeling of being free, being true to what we are. Being sustainable in a world that doesnt need more waste, deforestation and forced or child labour.To opens up a world of imaginative creations and moments drafted in our destiny.
  • Hubbabubbabee
    • Katriane is a womenswear designer with an extensive history of working in the apparel manufacturing industry. Driven by her passion for innovation, she embarked on her 3D journey in 2017 and have been working with Fashion houses across Asia, Europe, and USA to promote sustainable fashion 3D solutions. Her inspiration for design comes from a love for form & texture which translates into an aesthetic that uniquely accentuates and flatter the female silhouette. Fashion for Katriane is a means to experiment with elements of semiotics and intertextuality to generate a vocabulary where personality and identity can be freely outspoken.

Web3 Fashion DAO Governance Voting

  • DIGITALAX (Live Voting)
    • DIP-019— Sixth vote for the luxury category in the indie Web3 Fashion index.
    • DIP-020— Designer Spotlight vote for Week seven.
    • DIP-021— Vote for DIGITALAX Treasury NFT purchase for the Designer Weekly Spotlight.
  • DIGITALAX (Last Week’s Proposal Outcomes)
    • DIP-015— Baptism 03 by Lillian was ranked highest in the Luxury sector for the iW3Fi.
    • DIP-016Paola Olaguivel was voted highest for the Designer Weekly Spotlight and will be featured this week!
    • DIP-017— Glow of Neptune by Cryptsie was added to the DIGITALAX Web3 Fashion Vault.
    • DIP-018— Treasury vote passed to bid at reserve on Miami Heist Auction.
  • Global Designer Network (LIVE Snapshot Fashion Improvement Proposals)
    • FIP-016— GDN Treasury Vault purchase of one of the spotlighted designer’s, Paola’s live marketplace NFTs. Closing Dec 16th 1am EST.
  • Global Designer Network (Closed Proposals)
    • FIP-015— Muse of the Metaverse by Cryptsie was added to the GDN Web3 Fashion Vault.

Web3 Fashion Treasury Vaults

Upcoming Designer Spotlight

Paola Olaguivel 💫 💫 💫 💫

Make sure to follow Paola on twitter as we get ready for a week of awesome designer action!

Latest FGO Mints

This week both Garcia Galleries and Oli3D went on a minting spree, bringing more of that open sauciness goodness to the FGO libraries. You can check out some of the mints below and view the full collection under their designer profiles.

Check Out the Best of this Week’s Indie Web3 Fashion NFTs

Designer Realms Launch: Indie Web3 Fashion Fleet

  • Check out the full designer realm blueprint here and also the web3 patrons here for decentralising the buy side and opening up further strengthened value conduits for web3 fashion.
  • Stay up to date with all designer realms in the DIGITALAX discord specified channels.



RAW Life

Spaces, Houses & Other Speaking Events

There are always more seats at the table in web3 fashion, join us for our next Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse event or other speaking engagements!

  • Bancor Impermanent Loss & Liquidity Providing 101 Breakdown
    • Sunday December 19th | GDN Discord Voice Channel
  • Twitter Spaces - @KALAU & @0xycesh:
    • Spaces with Style | Thursday Nov 11, 2021 at 18hr UTC / 11 AM PT
  • DIGITALAX Community Call
    • Topic: Patrons of the Designer Realms.
    • Thursday, Dec 16th @ 1PM EST / 6PM UTC / 7PM CET

Upcoming GDN Member Deadlines

Attention to all GDN members, see below the top priorities and deadlines for this week and message in the discord if there are any questions or queries!

  1. Patrons Utility NFT Tiers Curation after Article Release
  2. HeatDAO Fashion x Dance collab— theme is Holy Mountain. Please fit the designs on the animation FBX provided before December 17th to then be passed back to the HeatDAO team for the next stages of the scene modeling and rendering. The A pose FBX should now be available.
  3. GDN Purveyors— book your slot in the GDN public calendar for releasing your Thread Weekly iterations. First versions will be published live.

Key iW3Fi (indie Web3 Fashion index) Data

The Best of W3F Memes

We couldn’t call ourselves a truly authentic web3 crypto community if we didn’t round out with some in-house designed degen style memes 😂… Enjoy…..😂

Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (
Created by Emma-Jane MacKinnon-Lee (

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