Canto Ecosystem Highlights - January 2023

There has been no shortage of action in January for Canto. From the launch of Contract-Secured Revenue to Variant announcing their support, it has been an impactful month.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights.

The Launch of Contract-Secured Revenue

Contract Secured Revenue (CSR) successfully launched on Canto in January. But what exactly is CSR?

CSR is Canto’s novel fee-splitting mechanism. It works by allowing builders to register their smart contracts with CSR, and in return, they receive an NFT. The NFT accrues revenue every time a user interacts with the builder’s smart contract. So to put it simply, the more interaction with a smart contract, the more revenue accrues for a project. The CSR NFT can be used to withdraw the funds that have accumulated from user interactions with the smart contract.

Check out this overview, or head to the developer docs for more information.

To track the total transactions, revenue, and the number of contracts registered with CSR, check out the CSR Dashboard.

Variant Announces Canto Support

Variant, an early-stage fund investing in Web3, announced they developed a CANTO position. This announcement shows Variant’s support of utilizing Canto’s Free Public Infrastructure (FPI) ideology to achieve its mission of delivering on the promise of DeFi.

For more on the announcement, check out the full thesis and thread.

Season 4 Winners of the Canto Online Hackathon Announced

The Canto Online Hackathon (theCOH) is a monthly hackathon open to developers, designers, creatives, growth hackers, communicators, and anyone looking to build on Canto.

The competition was stiff in Season 4, with over 13 projects competing. Huge congratulations to the winning projects in each category:

  1. Overall Winner: Delegate Cash

  2. DeFi: Canto Inu’s Motochef

  3. NFT: Global Entry

  4. Ecosystem & Growth: Canto Quest

  5. Notable Builds: Leverage Canto & Sanka Score

To get a deeper look at the winning projects, check out the COH Twitter thread.

Season 5 of the Canto Online Hackathon is just getting underway. For more information on how to join Season 5 and to register, go here.

Proposals Passed to Reduce Canto Security Emissions and Liquidity Mining Incentives

Canto’s liquidity mining incentives have been in place for five months.

To better align the long-term sustainability of Canto's incentive programs, early contributors submitted two proposals to the DAO geared towards reducing network emissions and liquidity mining incentives. The proposals suggested reducing the following:

  • security emissions by 20%

  • liquidity mining incentives by approximately 26%

After a governance vote, both proposals were successfully passed. To view more information on the proposals, read the official Canto Public Blog.

Plex Launches Canto Bridge Walkthrough

Bridging funds to Canto can be challenging. To simplify the process, Plex created the Canto Bridge Walkthrough, an interactive guide stepping users through each part of the briding process.

The interactive Bridge Walkthrough can be accessed here.

Ecosystem Highlights

CanToes Builder Spotlight

Builder Spotlights are a series that highlights promising projects contributing to the Canto Ecosystem. The goal is to help the Canto community get to know the teams behind the projects, their mission, future roadmap, and more.

To celebrate the CanToe NFT collection minting out, we were excited to feature the team in our most recent Builder Spotlight.

Learn more about the CanToe team here.

Hight NFT Sale on Alto

Canto Longneck #919
Canto Longneck #919

This month saw the highest-ever NFT sale in the Canto Ecosystem! A Canto Longneck sold for 100,000 CANTO on the Alto Marketplace.

Canto in the Media

Canto started to appear in media and podcast outlets. Check out some of the highlights:

🗞 Publications

  • What is Canto? The Token That Rallied 700% in a Month | Decrypt - link

  • Layer 1 Blockchain Canto Sees Surge in Trading Activity |The Block - link

📻 Twitter Spaces

  • GM Web 3, What is Canto ft. Scott Lewis | Rug Radio - link

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