Canto Builder Spotlight: Canto Longnecks

To help create awareness around the exciting projects building in the Canto ecosystem, we’re kicking off a new series: The Canto Builders Spotlight. In this series, we’ll explore the myriad of projects developing on Canto, highlighting what the projects are building, how they got their start, their background, what it’s been like building on Canto, and maybe even share some alpha. **

**For our first spotlight, we’re excited to feature the Canto Longnecks team. Enjoy getting to know what inspired the team behind the project, their vision for the future, and how they’ve enjoyed launching on Canto in a wide-ranging discussion.

Make sure you read to the end for some free alpha!

Meet Canto Longnecks: The First NFT on Canto

Canto Longneck #2162
Canto Longneck #2162

Canto Longnecks is an NFT on Canto, featuring the first generative animated Canto NFT. Inspired by emu pictures and a knack for pixelated art, Canto Longnecks combines unique inspirations with a decentralized NFT minting interface. The community-first approach in their operation model reveals a user-centric project with community satisfaction as its core motivator.

The first 100 Longnecks minters got free Canto Longnecks NFTs, which are tradable at, Canto’s first NFT market. Their pixelated aesthetic and head-turning movement invokes a hilarious, laid-back, free-spirited feeling, which partially explains the motivation behind the NFT collection.


Canto Longneck team Q&A

Canto Longneck #1778
Canto Longneck #1778

What is Canto Longnecks?

Canto Longnecks is the first generative animated NFT on the CANTO blockchain.

How did you get into NFTs?

Having drawn my whole life, it was only natural to get into NFTs.

What inspired the Canto Longneck idea, and how did it evolve?

Canto Longneck is a product of our team members’ interactions while working on a different NFT project. On one of our channels, Emu, we’d post Emu pictures, jokes, and other Emu-related comic relief material. The Longneck concept was born out of a Pepe Emu meme posted by one of our team members. We took the design and idea and redrew it in pixel art. Thus, Canto Longneck was born.

Why have you launched this project?

To make history. Our team thought it hilarious that our Emu pixel art would be an intrinsic part of Canto’s history if we released them as NFTs. We made our move, and, whatever happens now, we’re canon in the history of Web3.

What makes you different from other NFT projects?

Our art is original. We drew inspiration from our daily interactions and created something that attracts value to the Canto blockchain. We’re also among the few gif NFT projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

What has the community response been to Canto Longnecks?

The community has welcomed us from the beginning, and we’re at home in Canto.

About the team: What are the team member’s backgrounds?

Our team is an artistic mixture of influential thinkers and artists, all well-versed in Web3. We have a clinical psychologist, a developer, an art director with a background in curatorship, and our validator expert.

About the Canto Ecosystem: How did you learn about Canto?

While working on a different project (Texture), I came across Canto and got the rest of the team on board. Ironically, I was the only one who missed the airdrop.

Why did you launch on Canto?

No VCs, free from fees, and a small community, but relevant enough with no other NFTs in the protocol.

How has the process been launching on Canto?

It was fun, to be honest. Also stressful because we had to do the entire process in 3-4 days to launch ahead of any competition.

What is on your roadmap?

No roadmap. We build in silence and deliver.

What are exciting events on the horizon?

Free alpha! We are developing a significant project for the inaugural CANTO hackathon. We’re confident that it will not only be a wonderful surprise for all Longnecks holders but also significantly enhance the overall CANTO blockchain.

What advice do you have for other builders looking to launch NFT projects?

Provide value to the community. Like relationships, if you bring value, the community will give back. Find something you are passionate about and surround yourself with more intelligent people than you. Attention is the ultimate currency in cryptocurrency, but trustworthiness is the stablecoin.


About Canto Longnecks

Canto Longnecks is the first generative animated NFT on the CANTO blockchain. Canto Longnecks is fast becoming canon in Canto history, with inspiration from emu images and pixelated graphics defining gif NFTs in Canto. Inspired by emu pictures and a pixelated art style, Canto Longnecks adds value to a receptive crypto community.

The community-first strategy in the operational model displays a user-centric initiative with community happiness as its primary driver.

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