Canto Ecosystem Highlights: April 2023

Last month was jam-packed with action!

From new infrastructure integrations, to the launch of Canto Commons and teasers for new protocols, Canto was buzzing with activity.

Let’s explore the highlights.

IBC Transfers Now Integrated in Canto Interface

Bridging Cosmos assets to Canto just got easier! IBC transfers can now be done directly on the Canto interface. This makes the bridging process seamless for Cosmo assets like ATOM, GRAV, and more. For more details, check out the announcement by Canto Public here.

Season 6 Winners of the Canto Online Hackathon Announced

The COH Season 6 Winners were announced.
The COH Season 6 Winners were announced.

Nineteen teams participated in Judgement Day for Season 6 of the Canto Online Hackathon. All the projects that entered were exceptional, and the competition was undoubtedly tough. Nevertheless, after careful consideration, the judges selected the Season 6 winners.

Congratulations to the winners in each category:

To get a closer look at the winning projects, check out the winner announcement thread or watch the live judging session.

Season 7 of the Canto Online Hackathon is well underway. With a panel of expert judges and promising builds, the live judging session won’t disappoint. Set your reminder here.

Collaboration in Action: Canto Cluster Announcements and Updates

April saw the launch of Canto Commons, a vision for how individuals can come together to form small, hyperfocused working groups called Clusters and contribute to the Canto ecosystem. Since the rollout of Canto Commons, several Clusters have formed. Here are some of the new Clusters and resources announced in April:

A new Cluster has officially been announced: The Canto Ecosystem Development Cluster (CEDC). The CEDC focuses on supporting business development initiatives in the Canto ecosystem. For more information on the CEDC, check out their announcement thread.

Canto Herald: the fastest news publication on Canto
Canto Herald: the fastest news publication on Canto

Another new Cluster emerged with the launch of the Canto Herald Cluster. Led by the Canto Herald team, S6 Ecosystem and Growth winners of the COH, this cluster solidifies the transmission of news and information throughout the Canto ecosystem. Read their manifesto here or follow their Twitter.

Canto 49ers Ultimate Guide to Canto
Canto 49ers Ultimate Guide to Canto

Focusing on Growth, the Canto49ers Cluster has put together the Ultimate Canto Guide to help users go from being a newbie to a Canto OG. The guide is a one-stop shop for links to helpful resources, information, tools, and more. Bookmark the Ultimate Guide to Canto!

Check out our blog for everything you need to know about Canto Commons. Looking for information on Canto Clusters that have formed, their leads, and any developments? Find the latest in our thread.

Ecosystem Highlights

Identity Protocols Tease Their Arrival

New Identity protocols are on the horizon with Canto Identity Protocol and Canto Namespace.

April saw the drop of Canto Identity Protocol teasers on Twitter. With a low-fi vibe, community members could create their own images from the released mid-journey prompt. While no details have been released yet, CIP is certainly on the radar.

A second identity protocol made waves in April: Canto Namespace Protocol (CNP). On April 25th, CNP announced the Settlers of Namespace testnet event, which allowed users to try minting a Canto name on Canto Namespace and share feedback on their experience using the protocol on testnet. Based on their Settlers page, over 9,000 Settlers of Namespace appear to have participated in the event.

While the Settlers of Namespace event has officially ended, users can still try out the protocol on testnet here.

cBridge Now Supports Velocimeter on Canto

CBridge now supports Velocimeter on Canto bringing support for BNB, BUSD, and WBTC swap pools. This means that users can now swap BNB, BUSD, WBTC, to CANTO or NOTE using Velocimeter. For more details, check out this tweet.

To learn more about Celer’s cBridge, read their docs.

Canto Portfolio Tracking Now Available With Pulsar Finance

Canto now live on Pulsar
Canto now live on Pulsar

Canto is now live on Pulsar Finance. Users can get a complete overview of their Canto EVM and Cosmos portfolio performance using Pulsar Finance. Besides looking at the performance of Canto tokens, users can track the following: Synapse LPs and staking, Beefy vaults, Velocimeters LPs and LP farming, and more.

Check out the full details here.

Frontier Wallet Integrates Canto

Frontier Wallet added support for Canto making bridging, lending, staking, and much more that much easier. For more details, check out this tweet.

Lost Levels NFT Collection Comes to Life

Sgt_sl8termelon’s NFT collection Lost Levels is now a playable game. Users can choose from various players and play through different lost levels. A high score gets you a spot on the leaderboard and maybe even a Lost Level NFT. Give the game a try, or grab your lost level NFT here.

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