Canto Builder Spotlight: CanToadz

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We're thrilled to feature the CanToadz team in our second spotlight. In a wide-ranging discussion, learn what inspired the project's team, their future vision, and how they've enjoyed launching on Canto.

Meet CanToadz

CanToadz is an NFT featuring generative animated Canto NFTs.

Inspired by Gremplin's original CrypToadz and Mathcastles' Terraforms project, CanToadz developed a toad-based art NFT project for the Canto network. Minting for the CanToadz NFTs is public. Users will enjoy the meme aesthetic with eccentric toad iterations and pixelated toad versions, from cowboy to laidback toad.


CanToadz team Q&A

What is CanToadz?

Cantoadz is a community-driven art project combining Gremplin's original CrypToadz and Mathcastles' Terraforms projects living on the Canto network. The CrypToadz by Gremplin uses the original CC0 license, and Terraforms by Mathcastles have been permissioned by the core team.

What inspired the CanToadz idea? How did it evolve?

It really started with our personal experiences trying out Canto and wanting to do something here. There is something sticky about the network, about the people, and we were encouraged to build.

Given the team's involvement in the original CrypToadz community, we knew it could be a good base with like-minded people who may also think Canto is cool. As we started to familiarize ourselves with the existing design aesthetic around Canto Public, we thought the fan favorite CrypToad paired with a Terraform would be a natural synergy. Through our relationships, we secured permissions to experiment with this idea and bring it to Canto.

The Evolution

Part of our mission and thought process has been centered on helping grow Canto by bridging existing talented collectors in these respective original Ethereum communities. Given our personal experience and enjoyment with the network, we wanted to make it as easy for people to try it out and play with as possible.  As such, one of our first initiatives was to open up a general public gas faucet (whether they are minting a CanToadz or not) and make it free 1-for-1 claims for all original owners of CrypToadz by Gremplin & Terraforms by Mathcastles. So gas was free, the claim was free - and community members have then gone on to explore more of what's happening here.

CanToad #3134
CanToad #3134

What makes CanToadz different?

CanToadz is the first derivative incarnation of the CrypToadz on this network - and we see it as an expansion of this great community to new lands.  There is so much talent and brainpower in the original CrypToadz & Terraforms by Mathcastles communities. Engaging them with a familiar pairing of great art on a cool experimentative network like Canto, there was something special about that relationship we thought was worth spending time on.  And we were right. We have had a lot of success bridging some of the largest collectors (and talented individuals) in these communities. We are excited about what other contributions they, too, can make to Canto. While we are not original contributors to Canto and do not stand to “gain” particularly,  we are convinced there is something special about building here, and it's only a matter of time before more people find out.

How did you learn about Canto?

We first saw Canto mentioned on Twitter and were intrigued to learn more about it. When the first Canto Online Hackathon was announced, what caught our attention was the quality of the judges. It was a panel of individuals we respect, and again it was reassuring that something must be going on here. The more we dug into the ethos of the network and got to meet some of the community, we were sold on trying to participate.

Admittedly, the first thing we did (after joining Canto) was mint a Longneck, and then we staked all the rest of our tokens to DeFi Pulse and Four Moons.

Why did you launch on Canto?

We were encouraged by the network's welcomeness and infancy and felt that our contribution to the Canto ecosystem could be meaningful. A place where someone can really “make a dent.”

In our early days, we focused on getting a first-hand view of what was happening by connecting with the community in the Canto Discord and seeing what people were up to. Canto has something about it that makes people want to participate. The platform exudes an exciting aura for Web3 development, with an intriguing pay-it-forward model.

What has the community response been?

The community response has been great - both from the Canto community and the original Ethereum communities we tapped into with the art of this project.

We have found Canto, in general, to be a great canvas for people to come and experiment, build, and learn. People are generally supportive of trying new things on the network as long as it's good-willed. It's a great place to do things and grow.

And for the original CrypToadz & Mathcastles owners coming to Canto for the first time, they have also had fun clicking around and seeing the other exciting things happening around the network.

It has been nice to continue to meet more people here and add value where we can.

What has your experience been launching on Canto?


CanToadz is the largest minted NFT project on Canto Public ever thus far, with over 3,000 minted.

Our public faucet has been the most active on the network since its launch and has provided for over 365 users to date!

On Halloween day, we airdropped a Gremplin original art, “TINY TERROR TOADZ,” to all existing CanToadz holders.

What is your roadmap?

The “roadmap” is there is no “roadmap” - we strictly travel by Toadmap; with that, our focus remains on continuing to share this art with others, bridge, and help grow the community.

We are also building a public goods x NFT-related concept for the second Canto Online Hackathon - CPMS / Canto Public Messaging Service.

Alpha 🔥

Canto Messenger Service
Canto Messenger Service

The CanToadz team was the overall winner of Chapter 1:Season 2 of the Canto Online Hackathon with their Canto Messenger submission. Canto Messenger aims to make onboarding to Canto easier with its messaging platform, community gas faucet, and wallet-to-wallet transfer service for NFTs and other assets.

For updates on Canto Messenger, follow their Twitter.

About CanToadz

CanToadz is an NFT featuring generative animated Canto NFTs. Inspired by Gremplin's original CrypToadz and Mathcastles' Terraforms project, CanToadz developed a toad-based art NFT project for the Canto network. Minting for the CanToadz NFTs is public.

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