Floor teams up with Solana Foundation to bring the #1 cross-chain NFT experience to Solana collectors

As part of the collaboration, Floor will be including Solana NFTs in portfolio & discovery features as well as extending app invite access to the holders of top Solana NFT collections

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with the Solana Foundation to finally bring your Solana NFTs to Floor. Solana has long-been one of the most-requested ecosystems and soon you will be able to see your Claynosaurz, SMBs, OkayBears, Degen Apes and more in the Floor app.

As we look forward to 2023 and beyond, Solana is a key blockchain for new use-cases that can bring millions of new users to web3 through innovations that make social & gaming use-cases much easier to build, and cheaper to run on-chain. These are areas that we’re watching closely for consumer onboarding in 2023-4 and we’re excited to give them a home in Floor.

You can join the beta here: floornfts.io/solana

The Floor app, now with support for Solana
The Floor app, now with support for Solana

Integrating with Solana helps push forward our mission to make NFTs understandable and accessible to as many people as possible. NFTs across chains cover a wide range of use-cases, and building support for what users care about today and in the future is key to helping more users succeed in the space.

Over the coming weeks, thousands of new Solana NFT collectors will get access to Floor to track their NFTs, discover new communities and stay on top of the world of web3. They’ll be joining over 50,000 monthly active wallets on the Floor platform, who account for over 10% of retail NFT transactional volume. And… we have a few fun surprises planned for existing Floor users who add a Solana wallet ;)

Later in the year we’ll be sharing some more exciting aspects of the collaboration to push the industry forward together with openness and accessibility. Watch this space.

A massive thank you to the Solana Foundation, and for seeing the same future for web3 - simple UX, safety and accessibility.

And to Solana collectors… welcome to Floor.

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