Introducing Floor ICONS

Floor ICONS brings art by iconic web3 artists exclusively to Floor users through in-app purchases, in coordination with Apple & Google.

Series One presents 10 pieces by top web3 creators, and will be available in-app, priced from $19.99 → $49.99. Art can be used for in-app customization & is delivered as an Ethereum NFT.

This is the first time Floor enables purchases for our 25,000 users who represent 10% of NFT purchase activity. We believe that ICONS represents the highest quality body of work available through simple, familiar purchase methods.

We’re excited to unveil our first step as a creator platform, and yet another step towards a more accessible web3 with ICONS. ICONS is a series of 10 unique pieces from top web3 creators, exclusively available in the Floor App via in-app purchase, in coordination with Apple & Google.

The first piece drops next Wednesday (7/26) by the incredible Vinnie Hager and includes a Floor app icon, banner image and of course, Ethereum NFT of the piece.

Mobile-first. Simple & Accessible.

Our mobile devices come with us everywhere. For many of us they’re among the first things we touch in the morning, and last in the evening. They’re where we stay up to date with who — and what — we care about, and where we burn 5 minutes in-between meetings, classes or appointments.

Mainstream adoption of web3 will be mobile-first. Today, web3 on mobile is just too hard.

ICONS is a big step forward:

  • Native to mobile and to web3

  • No transactions to sign, or gas to spend

  • Created in coordination with Apple & Google, leveraging their evolving policies to ensure we can use familiar payment methods like In-App Purchases

Pair simplicity with an accessible price-point for incredible pieces of art, along with in-app customization and we believe that ICONS brings something to the table that’s too good not to collect!

A new format extending the boundary of the art

Web3 blurs the lines between creation and consumption, and we’ve always known that Floor should be a place for both discovery & creation.

What we learned in talking with our users, and artists is that we’re all looking for new and interesting ways to explore and interact with the art from creators that we love — that’s when we came up with the idea of customizing your home for web3, with your favorite art.

All ICONS Series 1 pieces can be used to customize your Floor app icon, and the Floor portfolio banner.

We’ve loved seeing our partner artists embrace the challenge of creating pieces with form & function to customize your Floor experience.

Partnering with iconic artists who share our mission

For several months, we’ve been working to find the best artists in web3 who share our mission to broaden the ecosystem and extend the reach of their work through adoptable and accessible works designed for ICONS.

We’re incredibly proud of the line-up, starting with Vinnie Hager.

Vinnie is a renowned web3 artist, creator of Letters by Vinnie Hager and has one of the most iconic styles in the industry today. He’s also an incredible human who used his first proceeds form NFTs to pay down his grandma’s house.

Vinnie has embraced and championed the idea of getting his work to more people in this new format and we can’t wait for you to get to see it, and collect it yourself.

Tune in next week when you can hear more about the process & Vinnie on our ICONS interview podcast.

Floor as a platform for creators

We’re really excited about ICONS Series 1, and know that you’re going to love collecting works by some of our favorite web3 artists, but there’s so much more to come.

Web3 blends the lines between creation and consumption and allows for unique hybrids. In time, Floor will become a place to discover, collect and create together, for everyone.

If you’re an artist or creator today and want to get involved — say hello at

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