The next step for Floor: Entering the public App Stores

I’m thrilled to share that as of today, Floor is available to download on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store!

This is a massive milestone and one that will affect all aspects of Floor, both internally and externally, and is one that has been over 400 days coming.

400 days building with an incredible community of the first 500, then 1,500, then 4,500 and now close to 15,000 token holders has been an amazing experience, and the product we’re sharing today is a product of all of that input.

While in this closed, private beta we’ve grown to have users in 112 countries, with hundreds of users using Floor at any single moment in time, around-the-clock.

Thank you for being on this journey with us… we’re still just at the very start.

Floor has been used in 112 countries over 2m times by 15k+ token holders.
Floor has been used in 112 countries over 2m times by 15k+ token holders.

Beyond token-gating as we know it

Floor is now on the public App Store — but it’s not available to everybody just yet.

Floor is invite-only, and Genesis holders are the source of those invites! In time, more-and-more people will join us in Floor — something that’s important for Floor to drive relevance & progress in the industry and for the best Floor experience for everyone as we move from purely single-player mode to multi-player mode.

Token-gating is an incredible way to bootstrap products, and to build an aligned community. With this public launch, we explore the next phase for token-gated products (one that’s never been explored before) of expanding beyond web3 insiders with products that grow to serve 100s of thousands of users.

Moving from single-player to multi-player (social!)

As we open Floor up to more users, we can build new features that don’t make sense in a totally closed community.

NFTs are where culture & ownership meet — this is inherently one of the most social nexus-points that exists. To-date, Floor has been designed to be used by yourself, with your own portfolio, but now that can change.

Much of the value that many members of the Floor community appreciate to-date has not lived in the app at-all — but rather in their interactions in the broader Floor community, the recommendations they receive, warnings, advice, new partnership opportunities and more.

Moving to “multi-player” mode means bringing the benefits of having your friends and people you admire also using Floor, directly into the app — helping each other discover, navigate and create communities in web3.

A new social space needs identity, and it’s not your wallet

Part of safely enabling multi-player mode is giving users in web3 control over how they show up in this new social environment.

ENS presents a step-function improvement in ease of addressability, but is not the right abstraction for growing web3 — it’s entirely devoid of privacy, and is locked to a single wallet.

We believe that Wallet ≠ User

You should (must!) have many wallets, but in time you shouldn’t need to think about them. You should be able to have wallets that are public and wallets that are private, and should be able to prove ownership of them without compromising them.

Soon Genesis holders will be the first to claim usernames in a new namespace built for a web3 world where your wallet is not your identity, and where you can choose how much of your activity you share publicly.

Much of this will start off-chain, and in-time, move on-chain. We’re really excited to share more soon!

Bringing together people, community & content

As we bring people together on Floor, there needs to be something to come together ******around**.

Discover has been our first experiment at bringing content in-app, and it’s been amazing to see the engagement — you’ve collectively viewed 100s of thousands of pieces of content, followed 10s of thousands of collections and (hopefully) found some projects you loved and learned something new. But you did all of that alone.

Soon you’ll be able to discover from more **********sources, and do it together while curating for the community and adding commentary.

Watch this space for more on the future of content on Floor very soon — Floor will become your home for much more than just portfolio tracking!

This is just the beginning

But don’t worry — it is the end of this post!

Welcome to our new Floor community members — we’re excited to have you here.

For Genesis holders, there’s never been a better time to be a Floor core community member & Genesis holder. There is an unbelievable amount just around the corner!

Want to check it out?

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