Welcoming WGMI.io to the Floor family  🥳

We’re excited to announce that WGMI.io will be joining Floor on our mission to make NFTs more understandable and accessible.

WGMI (https://wgmi.io) has been a trail-blazer in NFT analytics, helping early NFT adopters understand NFTs as financial assets and winning the hearts of many of those early users with powerful comparison and valuation tools. The WGMI API also powers NFT experiences embedded in products across web3, aligned with our vision of a more collaborative industry.

We’re excited to bring the WGMI product & community, as well as their years of experience developing web3 analytics into Floor.

Over the coming months, some of WGMI deep-analytics features will be integrated into the Floor platform, enriching the portfolio experience, while expanding the reach of WGMI to Floor’s 10,000+ active users. This shared platform will power new Floor app features like trait-floor pricing, and extend content from Floor’s content platform into WGMI.

Beyond Analytics

Floor started with portfolio tracking but is rapidly expanding to help users understand the entire world of web3.
Floor started with portfolio tracking but is rapidly expanding to help users understand the entire world of web3.

When it comes to understanding the world of web3, analytics for the NFTs you own is an important pillar, but just one small piece of the big picture.

As Floor expands beyond understanding your own NFTs into driving discovery & understanding of the broader world of web3, bringing WGMI into the fold solidifies Floor’s position as the best way to stay connected with your NFTs & the communities behind them. This deal unlocks more resources and expertise to double-down on welcoming millions of new users to the ecosystem with content & social features that finally provide a homepage for what’s happening in web3.

Aggregation in a fragmented industry

Web3 marks a material shift towards decentralization of community, information, and opportunity — this is powerful, but also comes with friction. Helping users to navigate this fragmentation is the “Google” opportunity of web3, and one that requires both a strong investment in technology & strong partnerships across these communities.

WGMI represents an exceptional opportunity to consolidate our capabilities and extend the team. Importantly, this will allow us to even better execute our strategy of partnering with dozens of companies and projects across web3 to make Floor a better way for users to discover more projects & products.

On a personal note, congratulations to Tom for building a product that’s loved by many in web3. We’re excited to see Tom continue to lead the charge for understandability of NFTs with the broad reach of the Floor.

Welcome to the Floor 👋

To the WGMI community — welcome to Floor!

I’ve personally been watching with admiration (at times even saying hi!) over the past year+. I know you to share similar values in building together and being kind and respectful to one another. I can’t wait to spend time with more of you, to combine our communities and ultimately to keep delivering on better products for everyone.


What happens to WGMI.io?

wgmi.io will continue to run and see some efficiency and performance benefits as we consolidate functionality onto the Floor platform.

Holders of WGMI NFTs will get full access to all features for the immediate future, at no extra cost 😊

Will the WGMI community remain separate?

The WGMI community Discord will move into the Floor Discord in the coming weeks — this will allow us all to hang out together, with dedicated channels for WGMI topics.

All WGMI support will be unified into the Floor support platform, allowing everyone to realize the benefit of our support team. This should mean faster responses and better feature request tracking!

Will Floor support a specific WGMI feature now?

WGMI and Floor will increasingly share features & code, but remain separate products. There are features of Floor that don’t make sense in WGMI and vice-versa. So the short answer is… maybe?

I have a WGMI NFT — how do I get access to Floor?

You have been airdropped a Floor App Invite!

You can download Floor here — floor.link/app — and log in with the wallet that contains your WGMI NFT 🙂

I have a Floor Genesis Token — how do I get access to WGMI?

Holders of Floor Genesis tokens can go log in at wgmi.io 🙂

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