August 17th, 2022

On Thursday August 11th, we shared our roadmap with the community, outlining what we will be building over the next 12 months and why it will change the future of decentralized data. We are incredibly excited to finally share what we’ve been planning for the past few months.

At Bundlr, our mission is to be the leading decentralized data solution for Web3 while being super composable and easy to integrate. We are focused on improving the developer experience through performance optimization, infinite scalability, ease of use and composability, ultimately enabling the community to build incredible dapps for their users.

This is to drive towards our greater vision to decentralize the world’s data, providing an open, transparent source of truth to protect humanity and ultimately set them free.

Our mission and vision guided the development of our roadmap and we plan to use our core values to get us to where we want to be.