New Year’s NFT from Bundlr
January 18th, 2023

Hello and gm Bundloooors! We ended 2022 by launching our new docs site and we’re starting 2023 by launching our YouTube channel.

Today, we’re launching video tutorials on using our SDK for NodeJS along with an intro to Web3 wallets.

To celebrate the launch of our YouTube channel, we’re giving away a special New Year’s NFT from Bundlr, it’s free and only available for the next 30 days. To get the NFT, all you have to do is watch our SDK for NodeJS video and fill out the form towards the bottom of this page. This video teaches you how to install our SDK, how to fund a node, how to upload a file, a folder of files, and even a static website. Once you’re finished the video, you’ll have all the skills you need to start building with Bundlr.

If you’re new to Web3 development, you may also want to watch our Web3 wallets video to help get set up with MetaMask.

Once you’re done, answer this short five-question quiz about our SDK and we’ll airdrop you the NFT at the end of February.

Have a great year! LFB 🚀

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