NiftyConnect Announces Closed Beta Bounty Program

NiftyConnect Announces Closed Beta Bounty Program

Event Date: 2022.05.25 ~ 2022.06.25

Bounty Size: $100,000

NiftyConnect on-chain contract, code check address:

The official closed beta bug bounty for NiftyConnect has now begun. As we now begin to test the integration of the protocol with different products we see it as an important step for our early users to share some feedback on any issues that may arise. After our first security audit we made sure to solve any minor issues that were found in the contract and have extremely high standards when it comes to creating a safe and secure protocol for our eco partners, users and more. Therefore, we encourage all of our early supporters and partners to dig in deeper into the NiftyConnect protocol through our bug bounty program and share with us your comprehensive experience and feedback.

During testing:
As you test the protocol and the protocol contract ensure to make sufficient notes, take screenshots or videos showcasing any issues you are experiencing.

Once you have all the information required to submit your report, head over to the NiftyConnect discord server and share all your information under the #bounty channel.

After the information has been received our developers will carefully go through all the reports sent analyzing the issues faced by all participants using the following criteria:

1. Clarity of the report:

Your report must be clear to understand with a step-by-step guide on the issues you encountered. Once you have created your report please share it as a google doc file which can be viewed by people who have the link or as a PDF.

2. The extent of the problems faced:

There are 4 levels of vulnerability that will be used to judge the severity of the problem:

  • Severe Vulnerability: $10,000 ~ $30,000

In the NiftyConnect contract code, there are loopholes that can directly cause the loss of encrypted funds in the contract or user wallet address.

  • High-risk vulnerabilities: $5,000 ~ $10,000

In the NiftyConnect contract code, there are high-risk vulnerabilities that require a specific address to trigger, such as a numerical overflow vulnerability that can only be triggered by the contract owner, an access control defect in non-critical functions, and a logic design defect that cannot cause direct financial losses.

  • Moderate vulnerability: $1,000 ~ $3,000

In the NiftyConnect contract code, there are vulnerabilities that are difficult to trigger, and vulnerabilities that have limited damage after triggering.

  • Low severity vulnerability: $200 ~ $500

In the NiftyConnect contract code, it is worthwhile to optimize and solve the code problem, but it will not lead to the loss of contract or user wallet address funds.


The NiftyConnect developer team will conduct a risk assessment for each submitted vulnerability and give a specific bounty amount. The above 4 levels are the reference range of the bounty amount.

The payment for the bug bounty will be delivered in $USDT within two weeks after the end of the campaign.

In your report please make sure to add your ERC-20 wallet address.

About NiftyConnect

NiftyConnect is the first composable, decentralized and open trading protocol that any application can adopt, plug into, jointly build, and share the order flow data on-chain. This will effectively benefit the entire NFT ecosystem by improving the matching efficiency of NFT trading, essentially solving the industry-wide problem of insufficient liquidity of NFT assets, and also slowly diminishing the dominance of centralized order systems.

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