Free txs for zkPengz Holders

Zyfi and zkPengz join their forces to revolutionize the whole NFT ecosystem thanks to the Paymaster Revolution ⛽️

Free Swaps for zkPengz NFT Holders on Zyfi Gasless Portal!

Today, we are thrilled to offer free swaps for ALL NFT holders of the zkPengz Collection!

Here are the steps:

1/ Navigate to Zyfi’s Gasless Portal.

2/ Connect your zkPengz holding wallet.

3/ Pick 2 tokens to swap.

4/ Enjoy a free swap 🎉

zkPengz 🐧

zkPengz is the first fully on-chain NFT collection which unites art and technology and gives additional utility to their NFT holders.

They are one of the first collections to leverage our custom sponsorship support, and we are thrilled to partner with them during this NFT revolution.

How is this working? 💻

Zyfi specializes in providing an easy to integrate paymasters-as-a-service thanks to an API that anyone can use to make their transaction gasless. We partnered with zkPengz so that when our API is called it can additionally checks if the user is holding one of their NFT. If this is the case, the API returns a transaction that’s fully sponsored, courtesy of zkPengz and Zyfi

This allows zkPengz holders to not have to worry about gas!

👉 A dream when you are active in DeFi since a long time.

We are working to extend this experience to all the protocols integrating Zyfi, to offer an exclusive experience for NFT communities across the ecosystem.

For now, each NFT grants around 10 free txs, to ensure a good ratio between all zkPengz holders.

Paymaster Revolution ⛽️

With our unique paymaster implementation, we enable any dApps to offer any sponsorship logic:

Swaps over a certain amount → Free Txs

Users saying gm on discord → Free Txs

Most successful traders of the last month → Free Txs

All of these use cases are made possible by our API. We are also working with several dApps, such as NFT marketplaces and DeFi platforms, to extend this revolution everywhere (e.g., enjoy free transactions with our partners like ZeroLend, Gravita, PancakeSwap…)

Zyfi is one of the pioneers in this Paymaster Revolution to offer a frictionless on-chain experience, ready to onboard the next billion users. If you are an NFT Collection and you want to offer gasless transactions to your holders, feel free to reach out.

Finally, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to stay on top of all news and updates.

See you at the next announcement, paymaster users! ✌🏻

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