Don’t Buy Crypto Now. Wait for Entrance Liquidity

Bitcoin’s price is on a tear and the rest of the crypto market’s zooming, too. Altseason seems like it’s just around the corner. 

Nobody’s talking about bear markets anymore. 

Does that mean it’s time to stack some celebratory sats? Will your friends let you buy altcoins now? 

You missed it

2022 was the last best chance to get into crypto. That chance is gone. 

If you followed my plan, you bought crypto most of that time. You avoided the major local tops and stopped buying earlier this year. 

Since then, you’ve set aside cash, waiting for the next opportunity.

When will that opportunity come? And at what price?

Nobody knows. We have to wait for entrance liquidity.

Buy low and grow

What’s entrance liquidity?

It’s the opposite of exit liquidity. Exit liquidity is crypto you buy at the peaks or after a big pump. Traders use your money to “exit” at the top of the market. The “sell high” part of the “buy low, sell high” equation.

Entrance liquidity is the crypto they sell at the bottoms or after big crashes. Traders give it to you at low prices to “protect their capital” and “never catch a falling knife.”

We use that entrance liquidity to get crypto at a discount. When the market turns, we let the traders pump the market for us and get everybody else excited again.

Only after the crashes 

Crypto is one series of booms and bust cycles over short timeframes and long timeframes.

While nobody knows how high the market will go and how far it will fall, we know we will get a crash. Bitcoin has multiple 30-50% crashes in every bull market. 

When bitcoin falls, altcoins fall harder. 

We’ll get another crash. The only question is how high does the market go before it falls. Will we get a slow bleed like 2019? A swift drop like 2020? Something in-between?

Whatever that crash looks like, make sure you’re ready to catch that entrance liquidity when it comes.

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