The Big Bang: StellarsDAO on a Mission to Harness the Digital Art Revolution

StellarsDAO is a community of collectors focused on acquiring stellar✨ pieces of generative art. Through that fundamental mission, we aim to build a community of like-minded collectors, support up-and-coming artists and onboard traditional art collectors into the world of digital collectables.

The context

We believe that generative art is fundamentally changing the art world in profound and lasting ways. Not only do we have long-form generative art pieces that redefined the very basic ideas of what constitutes a work of art, but the rise of NFT-based art is also fundamentally transforming the art market. The wave of democratization and reformation is only beginning.

StellarsDAO aims to play a significant role in this transformation by actively participating in making on-chain art accessible to everyone.

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Why we are so excited about generative art

Traditional art

Art can be beautiful, moving and inspiring. It can challenge prejudices, and be thought-provoking. Art can change lives. Some of it will stand the test of time, and many pieces will become icons and symbols of different eras in human history.

However, access to art, both as a creator and collector, is traditionally very limited and all but democratic. The artworld is controlled by a small number of high profile players that decide not only what is valuable, but what should be considered art at all.

Traditional physical art is usually surrounded by secrecy; it is opaque. Deals are done behind closed doors: no one knows who owns it or how many pieces an artist has made and will make in the future. There is a forgery. You’re dealing with logistics and coping with the extremely high cost of keeping art in good condition. Security concerns. Zero liquidity.

The current art system is very exclusive. All power is in the hands of a small group of high profile individuals and galleries/auction houses.

Generative art

As opposed to that, generative digital art is open and democratic. It is all on-chain (meaning you can easily trace it, since the moment it was created) and transparent. We know when each piece/collection was created, who were the owners and the price paid. There are no logistic issues. Traceable all the time.

It builds on top of amazing new technology. It is innovative, with huge new avenues to create unconstrained by physical elements. It’s accessible. It’s rewarding.

There is an alignment between artists, platforms, and collectors. Huge network effects push it forward and reinforce a positive cycle. 

Generative art has the ability to become essential to the digital-first world we are living in. As the digital presence of individuals became more valuable, so did the digital assets.

Autoglyphs by Larva Labs
Autoglyphs by Larva Labs

The opportunity

As one of our close friends likes to say — we’re entering the digital renaissance era, and it’s only the beginning.

Generative art is in its very early stages. While the idea and concept of procedural and instruction-based artworks go back decades, the rise of NFTs has given this movement unprecedented momentum.

While very few collections and artists have yet earned blue-chip status, the majority of long-form generative collections are still obscure. Curation in the space is comparatively low, and with dozens of new artists entering the scene weekly, assessment of quality and value is nearly impossible for outsiders.

The StellarsDAO team has been part of the generative art revolution from day one. We have established strong connections within the community and keep close contact with artists, curators and collectors. This allows us to identify high potential pieces and artists early and establish a truly meaningful collection of relevant generative art to care for and pass down through generations.

Screens #923 by Thomas Lin Pedersen owned by StellarsDAO
Screens #923 by Thomas Lin Pedersen owned by StellarsDAO

How we think


By using frameworks from traditional markets, as well as a disciplined and structured approach to acquisition research, we maximize the reach and value of our collection and generate sustainable long term results.

That said, it is all about art. We work hard to gather the most amazing, beautiful, thought-provoking pieces of digital art from hugely talented individuals, whose journey we plan to follow in the long run.

Take a look at this Twitter thread about one of the acquisitions we published, to get an idea about our process:

Collection structure

We aim to create a balanced collection containing “blue chip” pieces, established artists and upcoming talents. To achieve this, we carefully research each acquisition and work closely with artists, curation platforms and our community.

Our collection contains pieces from the following categories:

  1. Blue-chip generative art
  2. Curated collections
  3. Up-and-coming artists

When we invest in a collection, we work closely with the artist to ensure choosing the right pieces. We aim to collect a meaningful number of interesting and defining pieces for each collection we collect, based both on rarities and aesthetic/conceptional significance. An assemblage of art pieces which will stand the test of time, and be really meaningful and representative of the digital world our generation is creating.

So far, our portfolio consists of a few collections we’re very familiar with. It’s being slowly updated on our website. You can follow us on Twitter to get more frequent updates.

Our future

When we began working on our DAO we didn’t think we will be able to raise a considerable amount to be able to make any difference in the space. Embarrassing to say, but our technology stack doesn’t exist. We’re still using no-code tools to run the DAO.

Our initial roadmap was very vague: we knew we’d like to build something on top of our DAO and we realised that it was probably going to be just a passion project rather than something serious. Our vision was clear though — bring more people into generative art, make it more accessible and collect some beautiful historically significant art by some of our favourite artists along the way.

With more and more investors joining us before we even had Twitter up, we realised that we might be onto something. We might actually build something great and make a difference.

The best part of it all — is we can do it together.

At the moment we’re working on finalising our internal structure. We’re chatting to and modelling other renowned DAOs in the space to make our DAO as transparent as it can be. The majority of funds from our initial capital raised from private investors is going towards acquiring generative art. Our primary goal is to build the most significant and stellar✨ generative art collection by renowned artists.

The rest is up to you.

We’d like to invite the best builders, the most sophisticated thinkers and the most proactive doers to the DAO. We want to enable you to create towards our shared goal. If you feel like our mission is something worth contributing to — we invite you to join us on this journey.

How to join

Our website is live now as well as the membership sale.

The price of the membership token is 1 ETH, the supply is capped at 1,000. At the time of writing this, we managed to sell 117 passes and build a solid treasury of generative art (we continue our acquisitions).

Once you purchase a membership, you will get access to a private section in our Discord. As a member of our DAO, you will be able to suggest the changes and vote for the available treasury resources allocation for the long-term growth and prosperity of the DAO project.

We’re currently building our core members’ structure, so if you’d like to be involved from the beginning — we’d love to welcome you.

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