Announcing Genesis Period

We are pleased to announce Golom’s genesis period from 1st June 2022 20:00 UTC until 1st July 2022 20:00 UTC to reward 5% of the total supply to the early users, a few points to note here-

  • During this period each day 1,666,666 $GOLOM tokens will be given to NFT sellers who list and successfully sell their NFTs on Golom.
  • Each day's allocation will be done on a pro-rata basis to their selling volumes.
  • Genesis reward tokens will be available to claim on 1st July.
  • The fees generated during the Genesis period will be stored in a distributor contract and will be available to claim by stakers later on, once the Genesis period is over.
  • Towards the end of genesis period we will also be airdropping $GOLOM token to addresses based on their overall NFT trading volume on other marketplaces to attract users.

About Golom is a NonFungible token marketplace made for the NFT traders, by the NFT traders. Our mission is to improve the liquidity of NFT markets by making a decentralised low cost marketplace with most value going back to the users. Golom offers Industry lowest 0.5% exchange fee, lowest gas fee with flexible royalties along with tonnes of analytical tools and features that will help users to trade efficiently. Golom also offers a permission-less protocol to the ecosystem allowing anyone to set-up their own exchange, the protocol has a native token which will be rewarded to users when they trade on the platform or to other exchanges that will use Golom's protocol ,these tokens can be staked to earn rewards from the fee generated by the protocol.


At Golom we are fully aligned towards rewarding stakers.
Staking $GOLOM gives the following reward in proportion to the staking power:

1.Inflationary Golom rewards: A Proportion of daily emission is allocated to stakers such that stakers are not diluted.

2.Protocol Fee: All the protocol fee is distributed to stakers pro-rata to their staking power

Community First

The platform token $GOLOM has a tokenomics that doesn't benefit the initial team, marketers or VCs. It has a very straightforward distribution with 100% allocation to the community. 100% of the fees earned as the trading commission goes to the token stakers, other exchanges can use Golom's contracts to enable trading and earn rewards.

More details

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