Introducing IMMT Ambassador Degen Program


We are excited to launch our foremost Degen Ambassador campaign. IMMT is proud to introduce the highly anticipated IMMT Degen Advocates Program, an initiative poised to shape the future of IMMT Trade 2 Earn ecosystem. This unique opportunity invites crypto trading enthusiasts, influencers, and crypto traders to become key players in the thriving IMMT community.

IMMT Ambassador program
IMMT Ambassador program

Program Overview:

As an IMMT Advocate, participants will take on a crucial role in promoting the IMMT Trade 2 Earn platform. The mission is not just about community engagement but also guiding new users, particularly crypto traders, and contributing to the success of IMMT's user community growth and social trading platforms called Wawabit.

Exclusive Benefits:

The IMMT Advocates Program offers an array of exclusive benefits, positioning advocates at the forefront of the IMMT ecosystem:

  • Inner Workings Access: Gain exclusive insights into the inner workings of IMMT.

  • Token Rewards: Unlock opportunities to earn & mine IMMT tokens and unique NFTs.

  • Cutting-Edge Features: Be at the forefront of groundbreaking Trade-to-Earn features on our ecosystem of social and balance trading platforms

  • Monetary Rewards: Avail yourself of the opportunity to earn in USD.

Degen Ambassador Badge System:

IMMT introduces a unique badge system, recognizing advocates based on their influence:

  • Pilot Badge: Reserved for Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) with verified Twitter accounts and followers ranging from 5K to 90K. Advocates in this category can earn up to $300 worth of IMMT tokens monthly for meeting deliverables.

  • Sailor Badge: Designed for KOLs with 1K to 4K followers. Advocates with the Pilot Badge stand to earn $100 USDC monthly for meeting deliverables.

Campaign Launch:

The program is set to launch by December 20. IMMT has meticulously crafted high-quality graphic assets to be used in announcing our selected Ambassadors and also to provide sneak peek into the selected Ambassadors profiles on our social media channels. Explore these assets on the official website here and join the buzz surrounding this launch.

Selected Ambassadors will undergo onboarding to understand their roles and engage in promotional activities to further amplify the IMMT vision.

Eligibility & Diversity:

Every voice counts in our diverse community. We don't set minimum follower or subscriber requirements; we prioritize quality and authenticity. Join us, regardless of your current reach—your voice matters.

Platform Diversity:

IMMT welcomes creators from every corner of the globe and every platform. Whether you're on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook, we encourage diverse creators to join us on this exciting journey.

Twitter Requirement:

For Twitter enthusiasts, we encourage a subscription to Twitter Blue, indicated by the blue badge. This ensures a cohesive and engaged community experience.

How to Join the IMMT Advocates Program:

  1. Join and Engage in discussions on the official Telegram channel for updates and connect with like-minded individuals.

  2. Make sure you follow IMMT Twitter

  3. Read our Medium article and our Whitepaper on what we building within the IMMT Ecosystem and share in your creative way why you are bullish on IMMT in form of threads, graphics and video content with relevant hashtags #IMMT #IMMTNFTs @immt_io.

  4. Follow IMMT on X, Discord, Telegram, and Medium.

  5. Repost the pinned tweet to spread the word.

  6. After completing all the steps above. You can then proceed to Apply to become an ambassador by filling out the application form.

  7. Names of selected Ambassadors will be rolled out from Dec 21st

Let's collaboratively build the future of Trade 2 Earn! Join the movement and become an IMMT Advocate today. 🌐✨ #IMMTAmbassador #Trade2Earn #PlaytoEarn

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