Atem NFT Passport Compensation Announcement

Dear Atem Community,

As most of you are aware, Atem is not an NFT project. We are building a Decentralized Community and Social Trading Platform in Web3 Group Spaces. This is achieved using our product's seamless chat and trade tool known as AtemChat. As the beta launch date and time approached, all of our high end and top tier developers were working on the AtemChat platform to give you the best possible experience, all while a junior developer was working on the smart contract for the NFTs. This was a severe oversight on our part and we take full responsibility. Our internal performance checks have become a lot stricter to minimize and mitigate any future errors.

We took notice of all the suggestions made on Discord and Twitter and we're offering two choices for loyal users that are still holding an Atem NFT Passport as of Mar 17, 6:30AM GMT-5 to select between option 1 or option 2.

  1. Atem will automatically airdrop the Version 2 Atem NFT Passport (same design & rarity) once ready with a safe and secure smart contract for those users who hold the Atem NFT as of Mar 17, 6:30AM GMT-5. We are targeting to directly airdrop to the Atem NFT holder wallet address by Apr 4th.
  2. Users can choose not to join the Version 2 airdrop and have their gas fee refunded by burning the free mint Atem NFTs.Users will need to complete this form to submit the free mint address and free mint transaction hash by Sunday, Mar 20th 11:59pm GMT-5. Responses not received by this deadline will result in Atem still sending a Verson2 NFT Passport to the wallet address based on the on-chain data as of Mar 17, 6:30AM GMT-5. Burning instructions and refund process to be communicated by Mar 25 and we are targeting all gas fee refunds as soon as possible.

A list of Atem NFT passport holders as of Mar 17, 6:30AM GMT-5 can be found here.

We would like to again clarify our confidence in our product and our developers have our full support. We hope that our community will see the distinct separation between the NFT launch and our actual end product: AtemChat. We are highly disappointed that our beta product was unable to be available to the public yesterday as you would have seen the incredible hard work and effort our team has put in to this project. We are deeply committed to earning back your trust and we thank those of you who are still showing us support during this difficult time.

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