Launch of incentives for PNT-ETH LP on Uniswap v3

Starting from today, 17th February 2024, the PNT-ETH Liquidity Pool on Uniswap v3 will be incentivised with 30,000 PNT per week (double the amount compared to the current incentives on Uniswap v2).
The initiative will last for 3 months and will be launched in collaboration with the Merkl protocol, as approved by the DAO with PIP-36.
This strategic initiative is another step towards increasing liquidity and promoting the adoption of PNT within the Ethereum ecosystem.

The PNT-ETH Liquidity Pool (LP) on Uniswap v3 is accessible here:

We invite pNetwork community members to deposit their PNT-ETH liquidity in the range they prefer. Given the current market volatility, we recommend setting a wide range for your liquidity position. This approach will help ensure that your position remains active and continues to earn rewards even if the market fluctuates outside of a narrower range.

LP incentives and distribution

As stated in PIP-36, LP incentives will be distributed as ethPNT.
ethPNT is an extension of the PNT token with cross-chain functionality, maintaining the same token economy and functionality as PNT on Ethereum, including its DAO governance power.
Distribution will be facilitated by the non-custodial Merkl protocol. Users can claim their rewards from the Merkl page here:

This campaign will run for three months. Before its end, the pNetwork Community Association will propose to the DAO the extension of the campaign to ensure the continuity of our efforts to increase liquidity and adoption.

Transition from Uniswap v2 to v3

As part of this strategic shift to consolidate our liquidity mining efforts on Uniswap v3, the current incentives provided by the DAO Treasury to the PNT-ETH LP on Uniswap v2, amounting to 15,000 PNT per week, will be suspended.
We therefore invite current liquidity provider to move their LP position to Uniswap v3 by unstaking and claiming their remaining rewards on, which will likely not be used anymore.

The move to Uniswap v3 brings several benefits, including the use of its advanced concentrated liquidity, which allows liquidity providers to concentrate their assets within specific price ranges, thereby increasing the attractiveness and capital efficiency of PNT trading pairs.

Benefits of participation

We strongly encourage the pNetwork community to contribute to the PNT-ETH liquidity pool on Uniswap v3. By participating in the new LP,

  • You will receive structured rewards for your participation, aligning your personal financial incentives with the growth of PNT;

  • You will contribute to and benefit from PNT's growth and success within the ecosystem;

  • All users will benefit from improved transaction efficiency by ensuring smoother trades and reducing slippage;

  • Increases the attractiveness of PNT, potentially driving adoption and new users

  • The decentralised markets of the PNT will be strengthened.

Thank you to our entire community for your continued support and participation. Together we're driving the success and sustainability of the pNetwork ecosystem. We look forward to continuing this journey with you.

The pNetwork Community Association is a Swiss association led by community members who are long-term supporters of pNetwork as a technology, token and protocol. It aims to contribute to the development, growth and education of anything pNetwork related.

pNetwork is a protocol that enables cross-chain operations, such as transferring assets from one blockchain to another. It is designed to provide interoperability between different blockchain networks, allowing users to take advantage of the unique features and capabilities of each network while still being able to access and use their assets on other networks.

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