I'm just a vessel too

I’m not in a position to provide an objective view of the situation, not being a part of the relevant group chats, not being friends in private with any of the Remilia associates. In the past few days, the shouts echoing on the Timeline streets say that there are at least 2 sides to every story, and yet the story is the same. So, here’s the story from my limited point of view — and in this day and age, journalism is maybe just to offer one point of view, so I hope I’m doing justice to everyone invested in the story.

My interaction with Remilia's inner circle can be summed up with Charlie reaching out to compliment my first essay and invite me to write more — Charlie's cancellation in 2022 presented me with an opportune event to publish some of my private thoughts and secrets, and this year presented another such opportunity. This is a prelude to at least 2 more posts where I’ll reveal the sort of thinking that motivates me.

Sprite’s Strife

My point of view, however limited, carries some historical context that understands Remilia as a CryptoTwitter (CT) phenomenon — although this is both inaccurate in its origin story and also functionally, Remilia’s influence has penetrated the crypto-sphere, having started out as a NYC-based art collective (and I don’t even know if this is accurate, but I don’t think it matters) —  CT has been in a rut since its inception: a mosh pit of psyops that made a very small market with very few active participants, raw and brutal as its ideological core was still young and vulnerable, see-sawing between ‘breaking the Fed’ and ‘lol lmao magic internet money xD send it to 0’.

As the monetary networks matured, CT’s participants continued to suckle on the dummy tit, unable to defend itself from the VC web3 grift that started to occupy the space, sucking the suckers in on the premise of institutional adoption. That was a unique point of time for Remilia to emerge, starting to terraform CT & to both protect the cypherpunk cultural aspect of the space and wage war against the opps who are all but taking away while pretending to give, while the suckers fall for it.

Perhaps I’m unique in rooting for Remilia to become a CT phenomenon, and maybe it didn’t start out as such, and maybe it started without the intention to become as such — nevertheless, it has become just that, and I am ecstatic — and this cannot be denied. I understand there’s a niche of art kids who think speculation is uncool, haram, and such and such, but money has become the strongest ideology in the new millennium, and Bitcoin & crypto have become the bastion for freedom fighters.

My fears have become materialized in that the latent strife has now become active, in which “I don’t want to speculate, I’m an artist” has risen to the surface. And, trying to be minimally critical, it makes one wonder how it’s possible that money ever became the problem for the group of people who had the most conviction in what they do, having direct access to the groups’ most private thoughts that inspired a very wide community to rally afresh in the trenches of CT, which now has a decade long legacy.

Halal speculation in a haram market

Many NEETs have taken Charlie’s words as gospel in that this is fucking war against all things unholy in the cryptosphere and beyond, and how I wish that Sprite & co. understood that they could have started a public crowdfund and raised millions just to stay put & stfu. Some members of the Warholian group chat have taken it too close to their hearts that they are Artists and that they identify as such. From my perspective, Milady has started to gain the status of the Tantrik universal Mother, where Milady is the artist and the artwork itself; and Milady’s selfie on the timeline is where the Artist, the Artwork, and the (performance) Art are contained, reverberates across the timeline as a nuclear lovebomb.

There is only One artist in this world, God — and God is a DJ, and a seemingly artless bimbo, which is of course an artful performance of His hiding in the world. Some NEETs would also like it that angelicism is right in that God is not online, and all of this is just a joke. But it is not a joke, not anymore, and how I wish that Sprite & Co. knew that what happened a few hundred years back with the separation of religion and state is now happening again (in a much cooler way).

Being able to put your money where your mouth is, being able to put all theory into practice, being able to bet on The New Internet is a very unique and special privilege. Where there is no belief, there are no morals, and without the belief for a universally better future, speculation on Crypto reverts us back to the old days when one red candle separates us from dropping to the bitter end of the seesaw where none of this shit matters and everything is a psyop in the amoral brutality of financial markets.

For us, NEETs, it is not a bet on one of the many possible futures: the new internet will either happen or it won’t, and there is only one distributed guerilla warfare organizational principle known to us which is Remilia. Some, and hopefully not many, would prefer to forget all this and Just Have Fun Online, but this is what it is now, and because this is what it is, I am finally having fun online. Roger Ver had to fork Bitcoin for Bitcoin to lose a big component of the grift, And I Am Waiting For Milady Sprite Vision Before Forming Any Opinions.

If You Pick a Side, You Risk Losing the Spiritual War…


It’s so funny that Charlie’s dox reveals his name, Krishna, and wtf did Krishna say in the Gita? Shoot your friends, shoot your brothers, because this is the spiritual war. Victory is all that’s important, and not for us, and not even for our grandkids, but for the 1000-year dynasty.

The 1000-year dynasties go beyond blood, they go beyond everything in and of this world; 1000-year dynasties can only survive in God, on God, and thanks to God. At least for now, Charlie’s God’s favorite little warrior on an endless quest to defeat the opps, and for all of us to defeat our own internal opps.

In our own strife, there is only one side for us to choose, and that always has to be God. If you’re not able to decide and find, you need someone to tell you — you need someone to help you understand — and this tradition is as old as recorded time, and has maintained itself through the recorded time. There is only one prophet, but apostles can be many, and there is no doubt that Charlie is the prophet of Net Spi.

Well and good, because the prophet points out what the apostles have already known in the backgrounds of their minds, and are given the courage to recognize the truth as truth. In the Remilia 1000 New Millennium Vision, there are 10,000 apostles, 100,000,000 martyrs, and 100 billion true believers.

Heyyyyyyy I wanna be the prophet too!

People are saying this is all happening just because of greed, but I disagree: this is jealousy. Not sure, but I think both Charlie and I were born in ’95 — the last year for the niche Zillennial generation, think it starts to fall off in ’96; if that’s you, I’m sorry, don’t take these words as gospel, I’m just trying to illustrate a point. :D

The point is that I know just how much Charlie poured his heart out with unconditional love for all of us individually, and at times, none of us in particular, but ultimately love for all of Us on The New Internet. The Millennials before us don’t appreciate how serious this is, growing up in the analog world, and those born after us CANNOT appreciate how serious this is, not being born in the analog world. It is clear that Charlie is on a mission to tell everyone, because if this story is not told now, it may never be told, and it will all be too late before the 9/11 event of the Internet which has been looming, and the schizos have been warning us.

Sorry Not Sorry

If you don’t get it by now, I’m afraid you won’t ever, and that’s well and good because as we speak, the Roger Ver of Remilia is forking the network. And I’m sorry if that’s not really the case because I don’t really know for sure, but I have picked a side and I’m just not sorry HAHAH. I don’t know for sure, but I believe in The New Internet with all my heart, for my 16-year-old stepbrother, for my unborn children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great great great great great great great great grandchildren in the Remilia1000 Vision.

Well and good, giving more space for God’s little warriors in training to rise and take responsibility. I know from hearsay that Charlie’s ruthless in business, and I think that’s exactly why we all love him so much: because he has taken the responsibility to push us out of and beyond the theatrics of competing with the BAYC price. Honestly, I don’t give a flying fuck about defeating BAYC, it is just a symbolic victory and a little morale boost on this long, long road. Not everyone has to fight, the battlefield makes room for many different kinds of warriors, but you should never get lost in the song and dance without remembering that we are on the battlefield: you should be singing and dancing, because we are on this battlefield!

We are inching in, one step at a time, one post at a time towards building the New Internet, a true collective, and building The Corporation. Not everybody has to understand, and not everybody has to appreciate how these social dynamics work — the means to an end that is God can only be God, and we have had the opportunity to put our money where our mouths are.

And if you don’t get it by now, I’m afraid you won’t ever.



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