Roadmap for Q4/Q1

As the end of the year approaches, we would like to share with you the most important innovations that we will be working on in the last quarter of 2023 and the first months of 2024.

Omnisea Economy - creating a sustainable Mint to Earn system

A token can have many significant roles, but undoubtedly one of its most beneficial functions is to incentivize protocol participants. Unfortunately, many protocols in recent years have taken shortcuts and created token-earning systems without any coverage or reflection on the value of the asset, creating extremely emissive tokenomics. This is not the path we want to follow when creating our proprietary Mint to Earn system.

We want to reward minters as well as increase the value of OSEA and develop organic purchasing pressure. How is this possible? We believe Omnisea has become a valuable product for NFT creators over the past year. We generate our protocol revenue through two types of fees: a fixed mint fee and a 4% Creator Fee. There is no doubt that we will provide great value to creators by offering the opportunity to "redeem" a 0% Creator Fee (earn 100%). This will soon be possible with a minimum deposit of 50,000 OSEA (per Drop). Moreover, as much as 95% of these tokens paid by Creators are distributed to such collections Minters, creating a sustainable Mint to Earn system and the first puzzle of the Omnisea Economy. It is worth mentioning that the remaining 5% of OSEA is burned, reducing the total supply.

In this scenario, each protocol participant wins:

  • Creators: receive a 0% Creator Fee, and the purchased Mint to Earn OSEA system is an additional incentive for Collectors and drives mint.

  • Minters: earn OSEA token.

  • Holders: 500 such Mint to Earn events create $100,000 of OSEA buying pressure (currently 50,000 OSEA is ~$200, in the future it will be more).

Omnisea Portal is going live soon

Our work on Omnisea Portal - the first cross-chain composable omnichain NFT bridge powered by LayerZero - is practically complete.

We believe that the Omnisea Portal, which supports every existing ERC-721 NFT (not just those created with Omnisea), will become the standard for NFT bridging, which will only grow as a sector.

Full cross-chain compatibility makes this bridge equivalent to Stargate for fungible tokens. Omnisea Portal will enable not only the simple transfer of NFTs from one blockchain to another, but also the sending of any arbitrary data along with the transaction, and calling the omReceive() function of the selected contract on the destination chain.

This opens up endless possibilities for third-party protocol developers - bridge & sell on OpenSea in a single transaction, bridge & vote, bridge & use in a chain-agnostic game, and infinitely more.

Limited Editions

Today we support two types of Drops - the classic "Drop", in which the maximum supply is determined by the number of added files, each of which is another token, and "Edition", which is actually popularly called "Unlimited Edition", where there is one artwork, its supply is infinite, and the only limit is the end date of the mint.

In the near future, we will supplement our offer with the so-called "Limited Editions", which, as the name suggests, differ in that they have a finite maximum supply determined by the Creator.

Pro Features purchasable with OSEA

Some of our features are currently invisible or not selectable for Creators. At the same time, over the last year, we have been receiving many requests to use these "hidden" additional functionalities "behind" the Creator, through manual admin action on the database or contracts. In the near future, we will start making these features available to Creators for their own, automated use, without the need to ask us for consent and action. For the use of each of these services, which will undoubtedly help to further distinguish Drop, it will be necessary to pay a fee with OSEA.

One of the most common requests from Creators concerns the possibility of manually setting a personalized link to the Drop Page, e.g. Custom Link is unique within the entire platform and allows you to further enhance your mint's professional look.

From now on, each Creator will be able to select Custom Link from Drop's Settings. The fee will initially be 5,000 OSEA.

Custom Branding - Drop Page Customization

We believe that over the months we have managed to develop a proven and universal Drop Page design. At the same time, we realize that in an industry as creative as NFT, there is often a need to distinguish your website with your own branding. There is no need to explain this feature any further. In the coming months, options will be introduced to personalize the view of your Drop Page.

Omnisea AI - enhancing permissionlessness and creativity

The AI industry has exploded. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence will become one of the most impactful technologies of the next decades. Introducing real use of AI models (existing and developed by us) to Omnisea will allow us to further strengthen the ethos and values based on which we have been developing from the beginning.

Guardian - our proprietary model for assessing the risk of each Drop

With Omnisea Guardian, our protection of collectors (minters) will reach a level previously unseen among Launchpads, increase trust in honest Creators, translating into even better results, all while maintaining full permissionlessness and lack of censorship.

Guardian is also our original AI model built from scratch. The data we collect regarding each Drop will allow us to properly train and validate it.

The model will take into account, among other things, whether the metadata is exposed, whether it is persisted on IPFS (as is the file associated with the token, most often an image), whether the Creator has a convincing Onchain history, what percentage of the supply has been preminted, whether the Creator has associated social accounts and/or website that may indicate seriousness, and other factors.

Mage - Pieces for your Editions in seconds

There is no doubt that the market of generative art solutions (GenArt) is booming. Products like Midjourney or DALL·E allow you to create quality work in seconds. It is obvious that AI models will spread creativity and make it globally easily accessible.

Mage will be Omnisea's entry into the use of Text to Image models. We will start the integration of our AI Studio ("Mage") by using existing models - the mentioned DALL·E from OpenAI and Subnet 5 of the largest decentralized AI network - Bittensor.

The above will allow GenArt Creators to express themselves in the fastest and simplest form - by entering text (prompt) and choosing a provider (OpenAI and Bittensor are our primary choices). What is additionally unique, the token metadata will be provided with two new fields, which is our original idea - "prompt" and "model". The above will, first of all, allow us to verifiably determine at the metadata level what model was used to produce this NFT, and what exact prompt was introduced. This will allow you to create many consistent variants from one edition. In addition, we already have more ideas on how to make Mage an even more innovative solution, which we will inform about before and during the product launch in dedicated communications.


All in all, we couldn't be more excited for the weeks and months ahead. We believe that the upcoming news will take Omnisea to an even higher level, and will also give rise to a real internal economy using OSEA.

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