Omnisea ONFT Launchpad - Beginner's Guide

Omnisea is the Home for Omnichain NFTs powered by LayerZero. Using Omnisea, you can create, mint, and bridge NFTs on multiple EVM networks, such as Ethereum, zkSync, or Base, utilizing the Omnichain layer. Omnisea allows your assets to exist on various networks, ensuring they are future-proof and chain-agnostic.

This Guide will walk you through the process of creating a successful NFT Drop using Omnisea. It covers the process of creating a Collection, utilizing advanced features such as Drop Scheduler, and sharing your dedicated Drop Page with your community.

Step 1: Creation

  1. Go to and click on "Create."

  2. Choose between creating a Drop with multiple different NFTs or an Edition with a single artwork and unlimited supply.

  3. Connect your wallet to the network (blockchain) on which you want your Collection to be deployed.

  4. Set basic Drop/Edition details, such as Name, Cover photo, Description, End Date (note: minting won’t be possible after this date and this cannot be edited in the future).

  5. In case of a Drop (fixed supply), add NFTs using one of the following methods:

    a) Uploading files: Click the "Upload files" button and select all your NFT files. Omnisea handles the IPFS upload and automatically links the files with your tokens' metadata. The number of added files automatically indicates the maximum supply.

    b) Importing from IPFS: If you've already uploaded your NFT files and metadata .json files on IPFS, use the "Import from IPFS" feature. Click on the button, paste your CID, check the checkbox if your first Token ID is equal to 1 (leave unchecked if the first Token ID is equal to 0), and set the number of tokens (maximum supply) in your collection. Ensure your IPFS directory contains the correct .json files based on your first token ID (0.json or 1.json). Here's an example of how the directory with all the .json files should look like:

    c) Non-revealed: If you want to effectively hide your drop from collectors, this is the feature for you. Set the supply and gradually add NFTs and metadata before the End Date. This is the only effective way to prevent anyone (even on-chain) from viewing your NFTs. Note that in this situation, the "Cover photo" serves as the NFT image until files and metadata are added.

  6. Set optional settings such as Social Media links, Royalties and Commercial Rights.

  7. Launch and deploy your collection.

Step 2: Post-creation settings - Drop Scheduler, Team Pre-Mint

Drop Scheduler - Phases and Whitelist:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Drop Page. Open the Drop Scheduler card and click on the “Add new Phase“ button.

  2. Set all the details of your next Phase: Name, Start and End Date, Price (set "0" if you want it to be a Free Mint), and an optional Whitelist (not specified indicates Public mint phase) and the limit of minted tokens per wallet address.

  3. Adding Whitelist: Simply copy and paste a list of addresses separated by either commas, spaces, or new lines, and we will take care of the rest. There's no limit to the length of the WL, and thanks to the Merkle tree algorithm, minting from WL phases is also very cost-effective and gas-optimized.

  4. *Adding OWLPASS addresses: While creating a phase, you also have the option to add all verified OWLPASS Holder addresses from our utility NFT initiative. With this initiative, you can add over 2500 addresses to your WL on the first day, expanding your target audience. By using this feature, your drop automatically appears in OWLPASS Spaces.

Team Pre-Mint:

  1. Navigate to Settings on your Drop Page.

  2. In the Team Pre-Mint tab, you can simply pre-mint a desired number of tokens for you, your Team, and partners.

Step 3: Drop Page, Minting and Bridging

  1. You can access your Drop Page directly from your Profile.

  2. Optionally, request a Custom Link for your Drop Page, if desired. (Best done through Discord)

  3. Share the link to your Drop Page with your community.

  4. Watch as Collectors mint your NFTs and enjoy the real-time remaining items counter.

  5. All proceeds go directly to the collection owner's address.

  6. Use the Bridge Tab in the right-center menu to transfer your NFTs between chains.

Learn more: Spaces and Utility Drops

Explore the remaining possibilities of Omnisea and learn about our utility drops.

Spaces allow you to browse current Drops categorized into different categories, events, trends, and communities. Spaces are constantly changing and evolving to best reflect the current state of the primary market. Drops within each Space are sorted based on unique Mints, showcasing the most popular collections right at the beginning. Featured Drops are highlighted on the Omnisea home page, just below the search bar. In this category, we promote only the most promising drops. If you'd like to be featured here, reach out to us on Twitter or fill out the collaboration form on Discord.

Utility Drops: OWLPASS and AIRPASS

As we build Omnisea, we aim to introduce new experiences for both creators and collectors. Since our product largely focuses on contract creators, we have released two limited utility drops to enhance engagement and the minting experience for our collectors.

OWLPASS grants access to an unlimited number of Whitelists. Verified token holders can easily be added to phases by any creator, gaining exposure to lower prices and better minting conditions for intriguing collections. Participation is lifetime, with no limits.

AIRPASS offers participation in NFT raffles from all future "Featured" collections on Omnisea. The mechanism involves Omnisea minting three random tokens from each drop, which are then sent to three randomly selected AIRPASS holders. This process requires no interaction from the holders' side. We consider it one of the more exciting ways to naturally expose oneself to the NFT market.


By following these steps, you can create a successful NFT Drop using Omnisea, taking advantage of our user-friendly interface and advanced features. As the platform continues to develop, even more tools and settings will become available, making it even easier to launch and manage your NFT Collections.

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