OSEA - Tokenomics, Utility, and Market

OSEA is an official Omnisea Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) powered by LayerZero.

OSEA is deployed on multiple blockchains with enabled native cross-chain transfers. It's tradeable on PancakeSwap on BNB Chain and zkSync.


OSEA upgraded Tokenomics is going to position Omnisea for growth and bring a completely new level of transparency, sustainability, and security.

OSEA Allocation
OSEA Allocation
  • 55% Ecosystem Fund (Treasury, Governance): 5% unlocked, a 2-year cliff, and 50% unlocking linearly for 50 years.

  • 30% Liquidity (Markets: Pools, Listings, OSEA Holders): 10% unlocked, 5-year linear vesting.

  • 15% Team: 5% unlocked, the upcoming 5% unlock postponed for an additional year, 2-year linear vesting.

  • 0% was given to external parties. Omnisea continues to move towards becoming a Community-owned protocol without creating any negative pressure on a token.

Future is Omnichain
Future is Omnichain

Building Ecosystem Fund with 50-year vesting

While designing the governance token, we have to reject any goal that isn’t critical in the long term. Reasonable, strategic reallocations and lockups, immediately and significantly heal the token structure and set OSEA for the value accrual.

In the coming months and years, we’ll progress more and more into truly Community-owned protocol with staking and Protocol Revenue sharing (veOSEA - TBA).


Let's dive into details of OSEA utility! How will it benefit Holders? What are the potential use cases within the protocol? Why it’s designed with increasing scarcity in mind? Let’s go through it.

OSEA Utility
OSEA Utility

Protocol Revenue sharing - OSEA Staking

Omnisea integrates many revenue streams. Some of them produce value in the native coin of a given chain (e.g. ETH on zkSync), and some in OSEA. 25% of all the income generated from the following revenue streams will be shared with OSEA Stakers:

Omnisea Revenue Streams
Omnisea Revenue Streams

As you can see, certain actions on the protocol are related to spending in native coin or OSEA. In the latter case, not only is the profit shared with the Stakers but a portion of the spent OSEA is burned, increasing the scarcity and value.

  • NFT Bridging: When a collection is being bridged for thie first time, a one-time Collection Fee is charged (~0.005 ETH / ~$10). 100% of this fee is used for the quarterly OSEA BuyBack. Each next bridging of this collection's NFT costs a regular fee (~0.00025 ETH / ~$0.5) which is fully added to protocol revenue.

  • Premium Features: A constant fee of 1000 OSEA (which can vary in the future) is applied for the usage of some special features inside the Launchpad such as setting Custom Link in the Collection Settings. 25% of this amount is burned and 75% produces the revenue.

  • Minting: 4% dynamic fee (in native coin) is calculated from each mint and fully shared with Stakers as a part of Protocol Revenue. The fixed minting fee costs (~0.00025 ETH / ~$0.5) which is fully added to the treasury.

And just to reiterate, 25% of all Protocol Revenue will be shared with OSEA Stakers.


Since 4th of July 2022, OSEA Token has been trading on PancakeSwap on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain) paired with BUSD. In the first 12 months, we achieved over $4 million in trading volume, organically built liquidity exceeding $100k, and gathered a community of over 25k holders.

After more than a year, OSEA is ready for the next step, and starting from September 2023, it’s also tradable on the zkSync ERA network paired with ETH. Creating a second pool with liquidity exceeding $100k was our next milestone, and we're thrilled to expand to a network that's highly popular among our users.

OSEA is deployed on multiple blockchains with enabled native cross-chain transfers, but its primary network is Polygon. All allocated contracts and bridged(locked) OSEA to other chains (incl. BNB Chain and zkSync) are located on the Polygon network. Therefore, the maximum supply of OSEA (1,000,000,000) exists solely on the Polygon, and the supply on individual chains does not represent the entire OSEA supply.

Trade OSEA on PancakeSwap
Trade OSEA on PancakeSwap

Officially supported pools on the zkSync (OSEA/wETH), and BNB Chain (OSEA/BUSD) are located on PancakeSwap.

Currently, OSEA is deployed on 11 networks: Ethereum, zkSync, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Optimism, Fantom, Moonbeam, Harmony, Metis.

OSEA zkSync details:

OSEA BNB Chain details:

OSEA Polygon details:

  • Contract: 0xd57f8b6F3e5d1e0ab85118F5E0Dd893A08C43346


The OSEA contract addresses for the remaining 8 networks are available here.

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