Introducing Universal ONFT

Before the V2 upgrade, there were very few LayerZero ONFT contracts deployed in general. But using Omnisea, our Creators have now created more than 10,000 ONFTs! This brought us closer to the realization of our goal which is the unification of a fragmented NFT ecosystem and simply put making ONFT the standard for NFT creation.

That being said, there is quite literally a cost to this approach. As every ONFT721 contains more code (LayerZero embedded) than the standard ERC721, the contract deployment (collection creation) is, unfortunately, more expensive for Creators.

Today, we're glad to announce that we've found a solution to combine the best of both worlds, bringing you the Omnichain NFTs creation with ~50% cheaper gas fees.

Omnisea Universal ONFT - Shared Omnichain logic for all our NFTs

As said before, so far with V2 every deployed collection contained ONFT (LayerZero cross-chain messaging) logic directly embedded. This increased the gas consumption for every launched Drop. We’re delighted to say that we’ve developed a unique architecture that allows all Omnisea NFTs to share the Omnichain logic. Still, every collection created via Omnisea remains ONFT, as it contains all the functions (interface compatibility) declared by the official LayerZero ONFT721 standard. Nonetheless, the execution will be fully delegated to our new original contract - OmniseaUniversalONFT721.

The benefits of the new Omnisea Universal for Creators

The list of advantages of this upgrade for our users is vast, but here are the most important improvements:

  • 50% cheaper collection creation 🔥

  • All collections created via Omnisea are automatically bridgeable to ALL supported now and in the future chains without any additional action. The future of Omnichain starts now.

  • The “ONFT Management” tab will be therefore removed because Creators don’t have to think anymore about the cross-chain nuances.

  • A single Bridge Page for all Omnisea ONFTs instead of a bridge tab per collection.

What it all means

What we aim to say is that we care about your feedback and we understand that first of all, you expect a good experience with a low barrier for NFT creation. Secondly, we understand that the Omnichain future is impossible if we won’t make it automatic and seamless by design (instead of you having to configure cross-chain settings manually).

The lack of the first one would be a major risk for our most used product which is the NFT Launchpad. We’re happy to let you know that we found the solution.

The Omnisea “Universal” upgrade will go live on Testnet this week! It’ll be available at supporting major L2 networks: zkSync, Linea, Optimism, Arbitrum, Base, and a new addition to get you excited - Scroll.

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