Omnisea V3 Announcement

Today we are pleased to announce upcoming updates and new products that, due to their scale, deserve to be called Omnisea V3. The features listed below will debut on Testnet in Q1 of 2024, and after a few months of testing, will be launched on Mainnet.

We believe that these changes will be the beginning of the next stage of Omnisea's dynamic growth.

Omnichain Marketplace

Omnisea will become the first truly omnichain NFT Marketplace. Buy NFTs whether they are on the same chain as you or on a different one - all without switching the network in your wallet. How will it work?

When listing an NFT, a seller can set the price both in the native coin of a given network (e.g. ETH on Ethereum) and/or in OSEA (it is possible to provide one or both prices at the same time). If the price in OSEA is set, it is possible to buy such an NFT cross-chain. For example, a user connected to Polygon or BNB Chain can buy an NFT, which is on Ethereum without switching the network. Cross-chain transactions on the Omnisea Marketplace are powered by OSEA and LayerZero.

This functionality gives OSEA a very strong utility. Cross-chain NFT trading is in the current marketplaces sector a highly unique solution. Because OSEA enables it, it’ll get more importance within our ecosystem.

Here’s a summary of our Marketplace’s key differentiators:

  • We’ll start with more than 10 mainnet chains: Our architecture makes it easy to instantly deploy on every new ecosystem so we’ll surely reach more than 20 networks in no time.

  • Cross-chain trading: We’ll be the first omnichain marketplace enabling you to buy NFTs on one chain from the other in a single transaction. No switching networks, and no bridging funds. Powered by OSEA and LayerZero.

  • Only 1% fee: if the NFT is purchased with OSEA, we’re burning the fee. For collections launched (minted) using Omnisea, only 0.5% fee.

  • Onchain Royalties: starting with the support of the ERC-2981 royalty standard, we’ll support the new Creators Economy with enforced royalties.

  • Earn Omnisea Points: a new system introduced in V3 that we describe below.

As stated in the beginning, we aim to roll out Omnisea Marketplace on Testnet in the first quarter of 2024.

The Everything Launchpad: Beyond NFTs. Beyond Digital Art. Beyond EVM.

During the next months, Omnisea will integrate and enable the creation of more Digital Asset types. So far, we've been solely focused on NFTs, specifically the ERC-721 standard for EVM-based chains. Now, it's all going to change. We view Omnisea as the ultimate Digital Asset Creation Protocol that goes beyond non-fungible tokens, ERC-721, and EVM (Solidity contracts). With V3, we're starting the road to become the Everything Launchpad.

ERC-1155: Multi Editions, Real-World Assets (RWA), Gaming Items.

There is no doubt that asset tokenization has recently gained attention and importance. The future is Onchain. We’re creating a permissionless Digital Assets Creation Protocol which will require integration of more standards than just ERC-721. Starting with the well-known ERC-1155 (Semi-fungible Tokens, multiple Token IDs - each with its own amount), which is perfect for, first of all, Multi Editions, but also for RWA and In-Game Items tokenization, fractionalization, and co-ownership - representing both unique 1:1 assets or an asset class with each item being a separate token with fractionalized issued amount and enabled Onchain co-ownership.

Soulbound Tokens (SBT): Non-transferrable Assets

We'll be the first Launchpad to support both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 SBTs giving Creators the possibility to deploy "Account-Bound", non-transferrable Assets perfect for representing digital profiles, certificates, badges, roles, etc.

Fungible Tokens

There's no point in limiting our products only to non-fungible tokens. As we've stated above, our goal is to become the Everything Launchpad (asset-agnostic, category-agnostic, chain-agnostic), and offer the possibly largest palette of supported Digital Asset types and standards.

With V3, Omnisea will support all types of tokens, including fungible tokens offering the easiest and cheapest deployment and creation of the token sale with our well-proven minting experience and advanced Phases (Scheduler) setup.

SVM (Solana, Eclipse), Move (Sui), Monad, Sei.

We're not only expanding in terms of the supported Digital Asset types but also working on entering completely new ecosystems.

We intend to deliver solutions for Solana (SPL Tokens Launchpad) in Q1 of 2024 while also continuing to work on fungible and non-fungible tokens for more non-EVM chains like Sui, and Sei. We’ll also instantly enter the best upcoming EVM blockchains such as Monad, ZetaChain, and Taiko as soon as they are available on Mainnet.

Rewards: Omnisea Leaderboard and Referrals

In the coming months, a new Omnisea Leaderboard system will be introduced, rewarding points for activity both on Launchpad and Marketplace. Every quarter a new Season will open, and to participate you must mint our official quarterly, free Soulbound Token. Any person holding this SBT will be entitled to:

  • Earning fees from each Mint/Trade that came from your referral (your SBT ID embedded in the link to the Drop Page - for Launchpad, and Collection Page - for Marketplace).

  • Earn points included in the Leaderboard for each action such as Mint or Trade. The highest-scoring Users in a given Season will be rewarded with OSEA tokens.

Increasing OSEA accessibility

Lastly, we are seeing more and more use cases for our native OSEA token. Especially considering such an important functionality as the ability to pay in OSEA for cross-chain NFT purchases in the upcoming Omnichain Marketplace, we see the need to make OSEA more accessible than just through DEXs. While working on V3, we will establish contacts with exchanges that can help us achieve this strategic goal. Covering the listing fee is possible, for example, by using the growing protocol revenue as well as by another use of funds previously allocated for liquidity on zkSync (OSEA/wETH), where trading will usually reach less than 10% (the vast majority of transactions occur on BNB Chain) of our daily volume.


To sum it up, in 2024 Omnisea will no longer be only NFT Launchpad. Our product suite will be much more expanded and consistent with the end-game vision.

Launchpad: Becoming the ultimate Digital Asset Creation Protocol offering every type of token (NFTs, Fungible Tokens, Semi-fungible/Multi-Asset Tokens, Soulbound Tokens). We’ll also go beyond the EVM ecosystem and develop on Solana, Sui, Sei, and more. Therefore, Omnisea will be suitable not only for Digital Art tokenization but also for RWA, Gaming items, etc.

Marketplace: V3 brings the first truly Omnichain Marketplace starting with the support for NFTs but ultimately going beyond non-fungible tokens, just like our Launchpad. All cross-chain purchases will be possible only by using OSEA.

Testnet in Q1.

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