Update - Proposals 3 & 4

Hi Astro Babies,

We have some exciting updates for you regarding the results of Proposals #3 and #4!

Proposal #3 - Acquisition of Otherdeed by Otherside for Astro Baby Club Treasury - PASSED (view Snapshot voting proposal here)

After the unanimous vote by our members to acquire an Otherdeed for the Astro Baby Club Treasury - we have just acquired Otherdeed #59552 for 1.3167 ETH (~$1,600 USD)

You can view the Etherscan Transaction Details here.

Otherside deed #59552 acquired by Astro Baby Club Treasury.
Otherside deed #59552 acquired by Astro Baby Club Treasury.

The Otherdeed will be held in the ABC Treasury and owned by the entire ABC community. Future clubhouse activities and details will be updated when there are more details released from the Otherside.

After the acquisition, the Astro Baby Club Treasury current holdings are:

  • 300 x Astro Baby Club NFTs

  • 1 x Otherdeed #59552

  • 21.39131 ETH (~$25,850 USD)

  • You can view the Astro Baby Club Multi-sig Treasury Wallet holdings here.

Proposal #4 - Weekly ETH Giveaway for AstroBabyClub.eth ENS subdomain holders - Duration: 3 months / 13 weeks - PASSED(view Snapshot voting proposal here)

Starting this Sunday Jan 8th, we will be giving out 0.05 ETH every Sunday for 13 weeks - ending April 8th, 2023.

Every Sunday starting Jan 8 - April 8, we will be holding a random drawing out of all of our AstroBabyClub.eth subdomain holders streamed live on Twitch and recorded and posted in our #giveaways channel on Discord - each week we will send 0.05 ETH to 1 lucky subdomain holder’s address.

The full scope of the giveaway campaign will cost the Treasury 0.65 ETH for 13 weeks of 13 giveaways of 0.05 ETH each.

0.05 ETH x 13 weeks = 0.65 ETH total cost to Astro Baby Club Treasury

We will also be actively pursuing partnerships and collaborations for more rewards and prizes for our subdomain holders.

We will conduct a random drawing of Astro Baby Club ENS subdomain holders through wheelofnames.com every week (live streamed on Twitch). We will update the list of holders before each weeks drawing. We are currently at 33 subdomains registered, so chances to win each week are VERY HIGH!

Each Astro Baby Club NFT grants you access to 1 FREE AstroBabyClub.eth subdomain. So the more Astro Baby Club NFTs you holder and subdomains you register, the better your chances of winning our Astro Baby Club weekly giveaways.

If you haven’t claimed your FREE AstroBabyClub.eth subdomain yet, you can head to esf.tools to claim your name and be registered automatically for our weekly ETH drawings.

For a full tutorial on how to claim your subdomain you can head here.

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