Mint Details

🚀 Ready for liftoff?

We know you’ve been waiting patiently for details on how you can mint your forever Astro Baby NFT. And we’re so excited to announce we are ready to go!

Let’s jump straight into Mint Details. We’ll explain the thought process more below. If you have any questions regarding launch feel free to contact Astro Baby Club via Twitter or Discord.

And remember: only follow official Astro Baby Club pages for updates on mint.

Mint Information

  • Date: July 21 Thursday - 11:00AM PST / 2:00PM EST
  • Location: (ONLY mint from this domain)
  • Supply: 8,888
  • Mint Price (Whitelist): 0.025 ETH (2 max mints)
  • Mint Price (Public Sale): 0.035 ETH (2 per transaction, unlimited transactions per wallet)
  • Whitelist Mint Window: 12 hours (Public Sale starts after first 12 hours until sold out)
  • Whitelist Spots: 3,000
  • Allocation: Each wallet address will be able to mint up to 2 x NFTs.
    *All unsold NFTs during the mint window will be allocated towards Public Sale.

Our Thoughts

The Astro Baby Club team has been working on this venture since January this year. We’ve poured our heart and soul into the art, building up our community, and preparing for launch. It’s been a fun ride and we are now ready to go. Let’s jump in.

Mint Date

  1. We wanted to ensure sufficient time for perfecting and finalizing art above all else. Once Astro Babies mint, they’re forever on the blockchain. Our team of creators values quality and creativity. With our big plans moving forward into the long-term, we believe the detail and quality must be perfect from the get go.
  2. Market conditions aren’t optimal (at time of writing), but Astro Baby Club is in it for the long run and not too concerned with that factor. July 21st was a good date that we think there should be some more clarity in the market, for better or worse.
  3. July doesn’t clash with NFT.NYC (a large conference many NFT-ers will be occupied with).

Mint Price

As mentioned above, market conditions aren’t optimal. Ethereum price is down and so are most NFTs. With the large amount of NFTs out there, it’s tough to justify such a high price as many NFTs are charging for mint.

There are many free mints in the market right now. But, Astro Baby Club, at the end of the day, is a business. And for a healthy business to grow and last in perpetuity, funds are required. 50% of the mint funds and secondary sales will go directly into the ABC Treasury for operations and growth in the future.

We wanted to keep the Mint Price affordable for all and welcome our community with open arms. Hopping onboard a fun project shouldn’t put a dent in your wallet. The Mint Price of 0.025 ETH for Whitelist Spots gives a discounted price for early supporters of Astro Baby Club (and we thank you for it!). The Public Sale will mint at 0.035 ETH.


The Supply of 8,888 Astro Babies was chosen as we felt 10,000 was just a little too many. And yet we didn’t want to go as low towards the 5,000 range as that may limit the community growth in the present and future. (8,888 is also just a nice fortuitous number!)

Team & Partner NFT Allocation

The team loves the art just as much as you do, and we’d like to keep some Astro Babies too (we hope you don’t mind!).

Some NFTs will be allocated for the ABC Treasury vault to store - owned by the entire community and used as the ABC community sees fit. A portion will be allocated to our team members and artists who have made all this happen.

Another group of NFTs are allocated to partners which have helped immensely in getting Astro Baby Club to this point.

Below is how ABC will be allocating a total of 500 reserved NFTs.

Total Reserved: 500
ABC Treasury: 250
ABC Team: 150
Partners and Giveaways: 100

Closing Thoughts

We are so excited to be launching. We believe the NFT industry, regardless of market conditions, is only at its birth. Astro Baby Club seeks to be at the forefront of expanding the limits of creativity, technology, and community. The team may have started the Astro Baby Club, but ABC is your club.

And we hope to do some amazing things in the near future.

Let’s go! 🚀

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