ABC Special Airdrop #2

Hi Astro Babies,

We’ve got some exciting news for holders! Are you ready for your second free airdrop claim?

The second airdrop of NFT artwork curated by Astro Baby Club, in collaboration with artists and creators, is coming for all holders!

We will be taking a snapshot of all Astro Baby Club NFT holders on January 21, 2023 12:00PM EST, if you aren’t holding an Astro Baby, head here to purchase.

After the snapshot date & time, all holders of Astro Baby Club will be able to claim 1 x Astro Baby Club Specials Airdrop (1 max per wallet)

Airdrop Piece #2: ‘Enter Code (2023)’ by rainbowunicornpanda

The second Astro Baby Club Specials piece was done in collaboration with Astro Baby Club contributor and artist Jinna Kim aka Rain Up. Jinna is a multidisciplinary artist and creative. She’s part of the Hole in the Wall Collective where they record underground culture including art, music, bars, cafes, and people, through drawings and interviews. The drawings are produced as short-piece magazines.

Enter Code (2023) by rainbowunicornpanda
Enter Code (2023) by rainbowunicornpanda

She is also a virtual character in the metaverse (VTuber), and loves making sci-fi illustrations of girls and their emotions.

Her artwork can be found on SuperRare. She often likes experimenting with AI in her works.


Each wallet can claim up to 1 NFT Airdrop per wallet for free (you just pay the gas fee).

NOTE: The Astro Baby Club holder wallet snapshot for Airdrop #2 will take place on January 21st - 12:00pm EST. You must be holding an Astro Baby Club NFT at this time to be eligible for the free claim (you will have plenty of time to claim).

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