Updates / Aug 18 2022
Astro Baby Club updates for August 18, 2022.
Astro Baby Club updates for August 18, 2022.

Let’s just straight into some updates from the Astro Baby Club team. A lot has been going on and as holders we’d like to keep you up to date on the latest.

Mint: 1,300/8,888

1,300/8,888 Astro Babies minted!
1,300/8,888 Astro Babies minted!

We know you’ve been patiently waiting just like we have for mint to complete. But, in a bearish market not every project sells out immediately. We’re currently sitting at 1,300 mints out of a total of 8,888. The team is consistently here working on managing and growing the community and we are confident in the art and project. Reveal date and details will be released when we are closer to completing mint.

25% Mint Out Giveaway #1: Air Force 1 “AB-1” Galaxy Drips

We’re excited to be on the way to 2,222 (25%) mints because the first samples of the Air Force 1 “AB-1” Galaxy Drip custom shoes by Melonade have been shipped and they look great!

Nike Air Force 1 "AB-1" Galaxy Drips for 22 lucky holders at 25% mint out.
Nike Air Force 1 "AB-1" Galaxy Drips for 22 lucky holders at 25% mint out.

We’ll be raffling out these shoes to 22 lucky holders at 2,222 mint outs for this first giveaway via Premint. Remember: Pick your size. Worldwide shipping.

Good luck! See you at 2,222 and beyond!

Custom .eth Sub-Domains for Holders

Astro Baby Club is currently working with me3 to add functionality for every ABC NFT holder to be able to create their own astrobabyclub.eth subdomain. The future of our online identities will be closely connected to .eth domains and we want to make sure you secure your own in the Astro Baby Club (i.e. yourname.astrobabyclub.eth)


That’s all the updates for today. Keep in touch via our social media links below to stay up to date. Exciting times coming.


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