ABC Special Airdrop

Hi Astro Babies,

We’ve got some great news for holders.

The first of many airdrops of NFT artwork curated by Astro Baby Club in collaboration with artists and creators around the world is here.

As one of our Astro missions to support creators and collaborators, we’re so proud to be launching the ABC Specials Collection of 1 of 1 original pieces of art from many artists and creators. The series of Airdrops will be free for ABC NFT holders to claim. There will be many more to follow with amazing artists!

You can claim your free NFT airdrop here. The first Astro Baby Club NFT Holder Airdrop snapshot will be taken on September 9th and claim will start on September 10th - 12:00PM EST.

You can mint your Astro Baby to claim free Airdrops here.

Airdrop Piece #1: 'Chunk Remix (2022)' by lolwtferic

This first piece was done in collaboration with Astro Baby Club's Lead Artist Eric Bui aka lolwtferic. Eric is a multidisciplinary artist, explorer, die-hard Clippers and Sharks fan, avid video gamer, and "general degenerate" - based in the Bay Area, California.

'Chunk Remix' by @lolwtferic
'Chunk Remix' by @lolwtferic

From the artist:
This piece is titled 'Chunk Remix', based off one of my (lolwtferic) characters. I wanted to make a messy, striking stream of consciousness piece of psychedelic pop art. I allowed myself to be in a bit of trance while listening to music and its rhythms to guide each brush stroke. Erratic, yet cohesive as the goal.


Each wallet can claim up to 1 NFT Airdrop per wallet for free (you just have to pay the gas fee).

NOTE: The Astro Baby Club holder wallet snapshot for Airdrop #1 will take place at September 9th - 12:00pm EST. You must be holding an Astro Baby Club NFT at this time to be eligible for the free claim (you will have plenty of time to claim).

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