LineaBank's $LAB pre-mining campaign

Hello DeFi explorers! We are excited to invite you to a lucky opportunity to pre-mine LineaBank's $LAB pre-IDO risk-free! The pre-mining event will be launched on Linea's mainnet, Ethereum L2, so all activities will be 100% on-chain and real.

$LAB Pre-Mining Campaign

To bootstrap initial liquidity and reward early adopters, we are offering 3,000,000 $LAB (3% of total, $450,000).

During the pre-mining period, users can accumulate LAB rewards, which can only be compounded. Upon compounding, LAB tokens will be automatically locked up for 1 month. Claiming will be possible after the IDO ends and the LAB/ETH pool is created.

  • Users will receive $LAB rewards in return for providing liquidity.

  • The mined tokens can be claimed after LineaBank's IDO. Before that, only compounds with a one-month lockup are possible.

  • All activities take place on the mainnet, so $LAB, including interest on lending in ETH and USDC, are real tokens.

  • LAB/ETH liquidity will be listed on major Dexes after the IDO.


  • Start Date: 19 July 2023 09am UTC

  • End Date: TBA (Due to the expected congestion at the launch of the Linea mainnet, the specific timeline and reward distribution start time may change).**


LAB Token

  • Name: LAB(LineaBank token)

  • Ticker: $LAB

  • Chain: Linea

  • Max supply: 100,000,000 LAB

  • Contract: (TBA)

How to participate

Step 1. Bridge any EVM chain's ETH or USDC to the Linea mainnet.

At the time of writing, no official bridge has been announced, so stay tuned for updates.

Step 2. Step 2. Supply, borrow, loop, and compound rewards with assets like USDC and ETH.

Useful strategies

  • Supply : Supply assets such as ETH and USDC.

  • Borrow : Borrow against the supplied assets as collateral.

  • Looping : Deposit the borrowed assets, borrow again, and repeat to maximize positions.

  • Stake(Compound) : Stake LAB tokens to boost APR and earn staking rewards.

Step 3. Submit your activities through QuestN.

An additional $3000 USDC is available for participants. To participate, complete a simple social task and on-chain verification. Deposits of $1000 or more will increase your chances of winning. Links will be announced via QuestN at a later date.(Currently, Linea chains are being added to the QuestN slowly, so there may be some delays.)

At LineaBank, our top priority is the safety of our users' assets. You can rest assured knowing that all assets are safely operated on the Linea mainnet. To further ensure that we are providing a secure platform, we are currently undergoing an audit process with PeckShield. The audit report will be released in the next few days, giving you the confidence to use LineaBank without any worries.

About LineaBank

LineaBank is the native lending platform on Linea, ConsenSys' zkEVM chain. It is a DeFi application that allows users to securely deposit assets, lend, borrow and maximize profits in a 100% on-chain, non-custodial environment.

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