August 18th, 2022

Hanging out with friends is easy when you live in the same city. But it’s always the same bars, clubs, and coffee shops. The same old music on repeat until closing time. And your international friends? Few can afford the flight and vacation days to blow off steam at the end of every week.

But what if you and your friend could create a newer, better experience together? A party without limits, where you control the vibe? Now you can with Rove. Party in the metaverse with Rove will bring you unlimited fun, with cool party stuff you can’t find anywhere else, even in real life!

And such metaverse party is not exclusive but for everyone to throw! If you’re intending to throw your own party, or just thinking about it, check out this guideline.

Make sure you have a space on Rove to host your night!

The party hall can be anywhere on Rove — your personal home or the clubhouse. However, we highly recommend you to host your party in “party spaces”, such as the Arena, Disco Dance, HighWay,… as they will have full cool party features for you and your friends to have fun.

Some of Rove party halls you can choose from:

The HighWay
The HighWay
Mad House
Mad House
Sicko Mode
Sicko Mode

Rove spaces are not just 3D environments where you can view but spaces where you can explore, interact and have fun together with others. Equipped with party tools for your choice of activities: house-warming party, bar hopping, music trivia quiz night, dance combat, etc. the limit is your imagination.

Mark the date and send invitation

Start planning the night, give your friends the date so they can clear their diaries. If your party is open and you want more and more friends to come, send your invitation to our Discord channel as well: https://discord.gg/Fq5WaJvg

And watch out, party animals are coming!

Get the music ready!

Pick your favorite tunes and dance routine. With many dance moves to choose from, you’ll never run out of dazzle. If you’re throwing parties in Arena and other party spaces, just climb up on stage and show ’em what ya got when the party starts.

Find the DJ Booth to play your tunes
Find the DJ Booth to play your tunes
Enter your favorite video and play
Enter your favorite video and play

If you’re throwing party in your own home, you’ll need to drag out the Video frame to play music. First, come back home and go to Inventory. Then, choose the Video frame and pick it up. And all you need to do next is just play your fav playlist and get ready to enjoy the party!

Play music at home with the Video frame
Play music at home with the Video frame

Quick tip: want to lock other people in changing the music at your party? Go to home setting and lock the Change music.

It’s time!

Glam up your avatar, spin those decks, and dance until you drop from virtual exhaustion. It’s the party you’ve been waiting for — absolutely free.

Socialize with your friends

Chat with friends, host quizzes, and give emotes to your favorite dance moves or tunes. Also, get ready to jump in the dance battle!

Click on the chat button at the bottom right corner
Click on the chat button at the bottom right corner
Dance battle
Dance battle

Flying pod

Wanna enjoy the party from the above? Try the flying pod!

Fly up to the sky and land everywhere in the party hall. You’ll never have such an experience at real-life party!

Record your party moments and your dance moves

No cameraman needed. Just press the record button (in mobile app) or record screen as normal on PC/laptop to record your party moments on your own.

In Rove mobile app, you can also record yourself dancing with the background music.

And don’t forget to share your fun on social media. Time flies, but memories stay!

Think of games or NFT give away to attract more party animals

Games make party more interesting! Try thinking of some fun game, such as dancing competition, and give away some gifts to attract more people to your party.

The party is yours to create as much fun as possible!

How about receiving an invitation to the metaverse party on Rove? Here is how you can fully enjoy your party time!

Just received an invitation and not sure how to fully enjoy the party? Here is a quick guide for you!

How to join the party?

All you need to do is click on the party venue link. You will land in the party hall and be ready to have fun!

If you join by mobile, you can also go to the Search bar and enter the name of the party hall. For example, if you received the link: rove.to/portalheads-clubhouse, you can search “portalheads-clubhouse” on mobile to find the venue. Then, choose the right option and enter the place to join the party.

What can you do to be a true party animal?

Show your dance moves

Many choreographies are waiting for you to show off. Let’s wow your mates with your dancing skill and rock the party!

Add new set of dance moves to impress others by completing Rove quest and check in Rove daily to win XP rewards.

Express your feelings

How are you feeling right now? Let your friends know by using the emoji.

The icons will make the party more crowded!

Flying pod

Fly up to the sky and land everywhere in the party hall!

Record your party moments and your dance moves

Record your joyous dance and share fun on social media.

About Rove

Rove provides building blocks for NFT communities and creators to build, own and have fun in the 3D worlds.

We understand it’s not easy to build a metaverse from scratch, let alone make it thrive.

Therefore, we want to make it very easy for communities and creators to build their own virtual nations: create unique and immersive experiences, forge communities of like-minded people in interactive environments and exciting activities. Erect cities, host parties, have AMAs and fly through space together. Your world, your people, your rules.

Claim 3D space: rove.to/claim-your-space

AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rove-a-new-way-to-metaverse/id1617794489

PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=to.rove.app.mobile

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