noQode by Buildoor - Manifesting User-Centricity in Web3

Decentralized ideology is a revolution powered by web3 tech. It has unlocked unexplored potential but also presented unique challenges for user experience (UX).

Navigating complex onboarding processes, complicated user interfaces (UI), and low user retention rates have become everyday struggles for Web3 dApps.

However, Buildoor envisions boosting the decentralized revolution by evolving as one of the key contributors to web3 mass adoption. We do this by delivering a user-centric resolution that addresses these challenges head-on.

The Web3 UX Challenge: Navigating Complex Onboarding and UI/UX

Web3 novices and natives find Web3 dapps difficult to use, with complicated UI/UX cited as a significant challenge.

Poor onboarding experience is a top reason why users abandon Web3 dapps, with an average of 61% of users finding the process confusing or complicated.

This results in high user drop-offs and low engagement, hindering dapps' ability to attract and retain users.

đź’ˇDid you know? Investment in UX gives 9000% ROI

Empower your dApp’s Success with Buildoor’s noQode

Buildoor is on the quest to make web3 user-centric.

On this path, we aim to develop a usability infrastructure consisting of a suite of tools to acquire, onboard, engage, track & retain users in web3.

As a foundational step in this adventure, we bring you a no-code user journey builder that allows you to create engaging web3 experiences through guided navigation.

Accelerate Time to Value: Guided User Journeys with Buildoor

Buildoor provides a solution to simplify and streamline the user onboarding process.

With its guided user journey feature, dapps can create immersive product guides that help users perform tasks with ease.

By grabbing user attention and providing clear instructions, Buildoor accelerates the time to value for users, helping them quickly understand and utilize the dapp's functionality.

This results in improved user engagement and satisfaction.

đź’ˇDid you know? User Journey's increases feature adoption and engagement by 3x

Boost Adoption and Retention: Motivating Users with Incentives

Buildoor goes beyond traditional tutorials by incorporating incentives to motivate users.

dApps can reward users with incentives for completing tasks or providing feedback, which helps boost adoption and encourages users to keep using the dApp.

By providing tangible rewards and incentives, Buildoor enables you to create a positive feedback loop that increases user retention and loyalty.

Respecting User Privacy: Off-chain User Analytics with Buildoor

User privacy is a top concern in the Web3 ecosystem.

Buildoor addresses this by providing off-chain analytics that respect user privacy. Unlike traditional analytics solutions that rely on IP addresses, Buildoor uses privacy-focused methods to track user behavior and journey without violating user privacy.

This ensures that user data is kept confidential and builds trust among users.

Elevate Your Dapp's UX: Join the User-Centric Revolution with Buildoor

Buildoor's no-code tool empowers dApps to create guided user journeys, improve onboarding experience, accelerate time to value, boost adoption, and increase user retention.

By combining the most engaging aspects of user guidance and motivation, Buildoor revolutionizes the Web3 user experience, making it more user-centric and user-friendly.

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