Fairness and equity for minority (BIPOC) deep tech founders!!!

I find myself caught up in this stream of thought. I am sure that a lot of tech founders find themselves caught up in this same stream of thought. Majority of the founders in Deep Tech are usually pariahs in their own rights. Fearless, patient but mostly alone with a pathetic social life. “ It is what it is.”

They hardly fit in with everyone else and things like that. This is where the ironic statement, “ You belong to know one, but you stand for all”, comes to life. Here we are, supposedly blazing the trail or ‘trail-blazing’ ahead of everyone else. We toil all-night to bring meaning to your humanity by breaking down complexities.

We are not always noticed and that is very sad. If you are some how noticed it might have a lot to do with how familiar your face presents to the audience. In my case Lets back it up a bit! I feel that my work is not noticed and I am not going to sit here and tell you that I don’t know why. These are the reasons:

  1. I am a tech founder who does not bother with insatiability

  2. I am a minority founder with an independent flair or originality.

  3. I am of the conviction that following the crowd is not ingenious.

  4. I am not of the clout to know a lot of rich and powerful people.

    In my native tongue there is a saying; “the tree that must survive must grow or live in the jungle”. This means fast growth, and away from its kind: That is, removing infighting in the most literal sense of it. More so, one tree cannot make a forest either.-In time success will emerge.

When you are building a very difficult technology piece, as a minority or a person of color it gets really difficult because of many factors which does not preclude funding. You establish a worldview that constantly researches the problem statements because you don’t want to get it all wrong. In this case, you have to go outside the problem’s environment to see the conclusive solutions: Looking in from outside gives you the edge.

We cannot say that you will find all the solutions but we do know that your survival will rely heavily on remaining ever closer to your goal and staying far away from distractions of your comfort zone. Thus, self imposed exile from the crowd is necessary. - You must live in the jungle or grow in it. The bottom line is that, we need the support from everyone.

What I find very disappointing is the fact that, the investors sometimes subscribe to the herder’s mentality. One can almost assume that with a humble sheep-like attitude they will be led away by one or two people to go invest where all their friends invested in. They will always say that it is for the fear of the unknown. While this could be a positive business move. In the hindsight, it could equally add up to the lack of appetite for new things. They forget that without dynamism changes will hardly come. There is no inclusion, equity or diversity here.

In a desired world everyone we met or will meet could have appeared in our imagination as familiar. The truth is that they are not, and we can only relate and invest in the people we like. How is it working our for the unfamiliar face or faces? My answer will be, “It is badly enough on the investment part”. A familiar face is not usually the innovative one.

“There should be a rubric to measure this disparity. This is very unfair to those working really hard.” I am sure there is one, but a reminder won’t hurt just in case.

The fact that minority tech startups find it hard to scale because of the ills of the society is appalling, very shameful, and a poor reflection of the civilized world. -This does not respect the principles of economy of scale which makes for specialization. Pardon me, for I am not here to teach you economics. This seems to be the most fitting analogy I could find.

The notion of profiteering has no clue of the parties (personality and psyche), except for the profits there to be made. -The profiteers understand, and they know the principle behind the aforementioned line very well. The truth is this, while investors decide where to invest or not to invest: This decision is completely business driven if the intent is to optimize profit regardless of the faces.

“I would be in a state of confusion to even agree that the desired (fairness) had been the case most of the time. “ I am also not naive to expect this to change because I wrote a few lines.

Tech founders must maintain their eccentric nature to remain creative: The demand for them to become socialites is not fair. Granted they are doing the best they can to fit in. They cannot be social butterflies at the same time they are trying to give you, a new way of hearing, listening and seeing the material world.

If you are an investor please give minorities a chance. Why? They have been watching as spectators for a very long time and they know a lot about the parties playing the current game. They are not just spectators they have seen the problems (weaknesses) more than once. They have honed their skills with practice and now they are specialized. -Resilience indeed is their last names. Give them a chance to usher a new approach in privacy preservation and information security. We have a voice and a perspective that is not heard as yet. We urge you to do something different with your investment portfolio now.

We humbly ask you to collect this minted publication ( https://mirror.xyz/0xA24877164C2F5f0d4b9E921F98cE09F8B21B53a4/i9BsdU83qsKFD-ODQ1aU6jf9_VLrLSCL6NQZyyGPTc8 ) as a way of supporting a deep tech company.

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