VestorVerse in it’s core

Have you ever imagined a metaverse focusing on investing all it’s assets? In this case, you are not alone… Or atleast…Well… I have.

VestorVerse is a place where art, investing and transparency meet in a sustainable and community focused way. Everything that happens in the VestorVerse, benefits every single person in the community. The aim of VestorVerse is to sustainably provide passive income to the holders. Be it NFTs, Crypto, whatever.

To be said, the biggest focus would be Crypto airdrops. Not just any random token we make our own, but we dropin’ the BIG BOYS, like Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin or whatever the community wants.

Who is MEGA?

You probably have a question like “Who the F*** is that guy?”. Well… Let me explain…Name’s Dan. I am first and foremost a random NFT enthusiast. I just happen to have about 7 years of forex trading experience and some 3D modeling experience.

As a forex trader I have development my trading skill to a point where I feel comfortable sharing my skills with others. Also, as someone who has found 3D modeling as an artistic outlet, I would love to combine the two worlds to create something awesome. And this is it! VestorVerse!

Let us talk about the plan

The plan in it’s core is simple. Create a metaverse, where every NFT collection provides an investment opportunity to it’s hodlers.

  • First comes the project reveal. That’s what this is.
  • All the backers from and above 0.01ETH get their personal NFT and are added to the… one moment…khm!.. The List of Holders!
  • All funds generated are put on a separate investing wallet
  • Profits are made though investing/trading
  • A airdrop plan is made
  • Airdrop plan is fulfilled
  • Repeat from step 4. (Profits are made though investing/trading)

Since I want the project to succeed, the profits from first one or two collections will be transferred to a Forex trading account, in order to provide a steady baseline for the project. There are plans to move to more decentralized solutions, but will definitely will keep an eye out for other opportunities or ideas.

NB! There are multiple collections coming up to fill every piece in the puzzle that is VestorVerse.

Funding reasons

Why did I decide to go for a crowdfunding?

  • Cover costs to focus on the project (~5eth)
  • Create an initial pool to kick-start the project


On your way into the VestorVerse you a greeted by an old man, selling what can only be described as old TVs, on an old wonky table. An a closer look you notice something strange about the TVs. The aspect ratio is a little weird and the resolution of the screen seems to be only 59x96. When taking a closer look at the devices, you notice a whole in the bottom with a mounting mechanism. It is only then you realize, that these are not simple TVs, but robot heads, instead. As you pick one up, you feel an energetic pulse running through you and suddenly a face lights up on the device:

Mesmerized about what just happen you take a second to gather yourself. In the meanwhile the old man has disappeared under the table. The old man returns with four different heads. “Connection I see”, old man continues, “Connection with your heart the head has… Chosen one you are… Made a wise choice must be”.

Here's a Twitter for smaller updates:

4 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.