DeCredit Monthly Report(January,2022)

Dear community members,

Looking back and seeing our journey so far, we can’t help but feel proud and grateful for what we’ve accomplished together.

DeCredit has completed its brand upgrade. The new vision can be summarized as building the world’s leading credit oracle to empower Web3.

This new brand upgrade signals to stakeholders, its community members and users the significant progress made over the past month.


Web portal and three new version websites are launched.

Web portal:
We set up a unified portal website that connects audiences to the ecosystem of DeCredit with just one link.

DeCredit Website:
The website has been redesigned to make it simple and stylish visually. We optimized the page structure and added sections for DAO and usage scenarios.

OpenDeFi:Since DeFi mainnet was upgraded to a sub-brand called OpenDeFi, we created an official website for it.

As the first GameFi in the ecosystem, the official website of MetaLine has been launched.


  1. The planning for the first GameFi has been completed.
  2. SocialFi is in the production planning stage.
  3. We introduce DAO Governance to increase the voice from the community.

Market Operation Ecosystem:

  1. We’ve set up a Twitter and Discord for MetaLine.
    Twitter :
  2. We optimized the brand structure and formed a brand matrix according to the distribution of products.
    DeCredit is the main brand, with credit oracle as its core competitiveness. There are two sub-brands, OpenDeFi and MetaLine.
  3. We designed Logos for OpenDeFi and MetaLine.
  • A total of 3,479,818 CDTCs are currently staked on OpenDeFi.
  • Telegram & Twitter

The total number of Telegram Community Members remains at 61K.
The total number of Twitter followers remains at 66K.

  • DeCredit English community admins are available for any issue & support 7*24.

Stay Tune with DeCredit for more: Twitter|Telegram(English)|Official Website|Telegram(Korean)|Telegram Channel|Discord(MetaLine)|Twitter(MetaLine)

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