DeCredit Brand Upgrade Announcement

As some community members probably already noticed, DeCredit has completed its brand upgrade. The new vision can be summarized as building the world’s leading credit oracle to empower Web3.

DeCredit was a DeF2.0 protocol that strengthens the DeFi market by introducing the credit loan models. However, when the team got deeper into the crypto-world, we realized the future of Credit Oracle is limitless and it is time to move forward. With the new vision, the mission of DeCredit is not only to build Credit Oracle network globally but also expand the ecosystem by exploring more use cases. Accompanied by the mission, the new version of DeCredit official website has also arrived.

DeCredit Website:

Brand Matrix

We are pleased to announce a new brand matrix including DeFi, GameFi, and SocialFi. We have upgraded the original DeFi mainnet to a sub-brand called OpenDeFi and launched a new VI.

The OpenDeFi LOGO expresses our attitude towards with the DeFi New Epoch. It's even more simple design, meanwhile we expect to see further putting our view across truly. The essential implications of OpenDefi branding,we design with smooth and soft lines, it’s showing us an unfettered and diverse universe that the LOGO manifest how we constitute more Exoteric and inclusiveness financial environment clearly and directly. It can be showing accelerated development, we design Outer ring made strong rhythmic lines. The center part of the logo creates a concise and the earth ecological clearly, the whole system of VI we use overall color bright ,the system of design are full of sense of rhythm. The new concept of LOGO design that’s illustration we have entered the period of WEB3:

Not constrained by previous website operations, we do our innovation development best, dedicated to making the web3 world truly decentralized, even better achieve liquidity and the sustainable development of the financial future.


As a member of the DeCredit ecosystem, OpenDeFi can be seen as the first step for DeCredit to explore Web3. The OpenDeFi credit lending product is based on a liquidity pool that introduces off-chain credit assessment into the on-chain lending product, gradually reducing collateral in the credit lending and finally achieving zero collateral, thus avoiding the current DeFi over-collateralisation dilemma.

DeCredit Website:


On the GameFi side, MetaLine, a seafaring game with production, trade and battle is on the way. It allows users to ship manufactured goods to different ports for a profit, while a floating price system, port ownership and battle increase playability. The website will be carried out later this week.


The SocialFi is still in the conceptual stage. Once it arrives, you will see this incredible application. DeCredit will also introduce DAO Governance to increase the voice from the community.

We appreciate your continued support and trust. We look forward to starting a new inventive and thrilling journey for you with this new brand.

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