DeCredit Monthly Report (February, 2022)

DeCredit Monthly Report

Dear community members,

Time flies. In Feb, we focused on the development of Gamefi and the promotion of the new brand matrix.



1.The marketplace page of the official website is launched.

2.NFT Heroes have completed character design.

3. SocialFi is in the production planning stage.

Marketing & Operation:

1. The press release about DeCredit has been issued on Blocknomi.

2.The press release about DeCredit has been issued on Blocknomi.

3.Partnership negotiations with SupraOracles have been completed.

4.A total of 3,721,242 CDTCs are currently staked on OpenDeFi.

5.Telegram & Twitter

The total number of Telegram Community Members remains at 54K.

The total number of Twitter followers remains at 65K.

6.DeCredit English community admins are available for any issue & support 7*24.

Stay Tune with DeCredit for more:

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