Axie Infinity: Origins Meta Report - Late Rare Era (8 Aug 2023)

As we are nearing the end of the Rare Era in Season 5 of Axie Infinity: Origins, let’s see how the meta is like to help with our final push in the Rare Era.


  • Leafy and Momo are the teams to beat near the end of the Rare Era

  • Momo is pushing out Triple Owl and leveling its win rate against Leafy

  • Tri Spikes (including Leafy Tri Spikes) and Confused are the meta breakers

Archetypes Distribution

Leafy, Momo, Sustain, and Veonki are still the main archetypes we see across the Top 1000. We do not see as many Topaz and Jinx around. Triple Owl also dropped in usage as players opted to play Momo instead, but this will change in the Epic Era as Momo is getting nerfed and there are more powerful bonus DMG runes (e.g. Miracle Leaf) being available in the Epic Era.

In terms of new archetypes, this week we see some Tri Spikes teams at the Top 100. We also have teams that run both Leafy and Tri Spikes, which I categorised as a separate archetype called Leafy Tri Spikes that effectively is both Leafy and Tri Spikes. Given both Leafy and Tri Spikes use the Spears synergy and can deal a lot of damage, I expect the Leafy Tri Spikes archetype to continue to get stronger in the future Eras.

Another archetype that is new this week is Confused. Confused + Swirl + Pigeon Post can still be good draw disruption but we will see if this can keep up in the Epic Era.

Archetypes usage at the Top of the Leaderboard
Archetypes usage at the Top of the Leaderboard

Archetypes Matchups and Win Rates

Archetypes Overall Win Rates

The new archetypes are here for a reason. Tri Spikes teams are taking advantage of the meta that is full of Leafy and Momo, both deals multi-hits proccing the Spikes multiple times. With the buff on Viper’s Venom, each Tri Spikes deal a total of 9 stacks of Poison.

Confused is also doing surprisingly well as people are not teched to deal with cursed cards. In the current meta, the priority is to remove buffs with Black Sage and Cleanse with White Sage, so not many are running Bean’s Charm.

Leafy and Momo are roughly 50% as there are now quite equal in win rates against each other. Given most of the meta is Leafy and Momo, there are also a lot of mirror matches, resulting is a roughly 50% win rate.

Venoki, Poison, Jinx, and Triple Owl are not doing too well as teams are getting more refined in terms of dealing damage. The meta is getting more aggro, which does not give these teams time to set up. Hot Butt and Sustain are still hanging in there and remains viable.

Overall Win Rates of Top Archetypes
Overall Win Rates of Top Archetypes
Matchups of Top Archetypes at the Top of the Leaderboard
Matchups of Top Archetypes at the Top of the Leaderboard


Leafy is now the number team to beat and players are finding way to beat Leafy. Its good matchups are Venoki, Poison, Jinx, Triple Owl, and maybe Topaz. Teams that farm on Leafy are the ones that will be successful in the current meta and they are Confused, Tri Spikes (including Leafy Tri Spikes), and Sustain.

Tri Spikes

Pure Tri Spikes teams are not very common but they usually run multiple Kataro for Energy Fragments and Innocent Lamb + Cottontail so it can play 2 Cottontail for extra Tempo. Having Viper’s Venom on multi-hit cards like Kataro and Tri Spikes can put significant amount of Poison on opponent for extra damage.

Tri Spikes team in general take advantage of the current meta of Leafy and Momo to proc the Spikes and use Tri Spikes to deal massive damage.

Pure Tri Spikes team has good matchup across the board. Note that there are not many non-Venoki Poison teams out there, so the sample size is very small.

Leafy Tri Spikes

Leafy Tri Spikes teams are teams that run both Leafy and Tri Spikes, taking advantage of the massive damage and the Spears synergies from both cards. Hot Butt could potentially be a tough matchup but sample size is too small to be conclusive. Otherwise, it has a very promising win rates against Leafy, Momo, and Venoki, 3 of the most popular archetypes out there. I would expect Leafy Tri Spikes to remain dominant in future Eras given its power level.


Momo teams are getting more optimised near the end of the Season. It can compete with Leafy teams that do not have Tri Spikes. However, it does have quite a number of bad matchups including Confused and Jinx that can discard key cards from Momo and slows down the deck rotation. It also suffers from Tri Spikes (including Leafy Tri Spikes) as Momo procs the Spikes, allowing Tri Spikes to deal even more damage, outracing the Momo team.

This could be the last time we feature Momo as it will be nerfed in the Epic Era, but we will see if Momo is still strong enough after the nerf.

Triple Owl

Triple Owl is out-competed by Momo at this point. It is simple not fast enough compared to the other archetypes in the Rare Era. Let’s see if we will see Triple Owl come back in the Epic Era with Epic Runes and Charms.

Venoki + Poison

Venoki is having a tough time with Leafy, Momo, Tri Spikes, and Leafy Tri Spikes going very fast with their damage. Venoki is better against slower teams like Sustain, Jinx, Triple Owl, and Confused.

There are very few non-Venoki Poison teams out there, so the data is likely to be unreliable due to very small sample size.


Sustain enjoys farming on Leafy teams that do not have Shields and hence cannot draw with Sustain. Other archetypes have ways to draw against Sustain that only relies on Tassels. It will be interesting to see how Sustain evolves in the Epic Era. It might be more difficult for Sustain teams if many players are playing Rise and Ruin in the Epic Era.


Topaz is still hanging in there and it is still viable to climb the Leaderboard. It suffers against Jinx and Hot Butt but good against Sustain. I can imagine Topaz still being a thing in Epic and even Mystic Era, though now it is at a healthy power level compared to last season.


Confused is an interesting new archetype that mostly target Momo, and to some extent Leafy. There are very few Confused teams out there, so the matchup data is not too reliable. Still we can see that it has little way to beat Venoki. Given the nerf to Momo, it is likely that Confused may not be as succesful in the Epic Era as its best matchup will most likely be gone.

Hot Butt

Again, very small sample size for Hot Butt. Hard to say if it will still be viable in the Epic Era as damage will only come faster. It will be interesting to see more development for Hot Butt teams. Apparently it has a pretty good matchup against Leafy Tri Spikes. As Hot Butt teams do not proc the Spikes, it is harder to get value from the Tri Spikes. If we see Leafy Tri Spikes being a dominant team in the future, Hot Butt might be in a good position to take advantage of that.


It is very tough for Jinx teams these days with all the Leafy, Tri Spikes, Venoki teams out there. Unless we see a lot of Sustain, Topaz, Confused, and Hot Butt teams in future metas, it will be difficult for Jinx teams to make a come back.


We see the meta evolves to finding teams that beat Leafy and Momo. Tri Spikes and Confused are the two new archetypes that take advantage of the current meta. If you are looking to make a final push in the Rare Era, consider getting Tri Spikes and Scaly Spears in your team.

Best of luck with the final push in the Rare Era! I am excited to see how things will change in the Epic Era with more archetypes like Glorious Mane coming in.

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