Migrating Diary of a Lunacian to Paragraph.xyz

Thank you very much for everyone who subscribed to Diary of a Lunacian! As Season 5 comes to an end, the off-season is the time for building and for me, I have decided to move to a new platform - Paragraph.xyz - for my blog as Paragraph.xyz offers more functionalities that are in-line with what I need. All existing posts will stay here in Mirror.xyz but future posts will be with on my new blog.

All current subscribers will automatically be subscribed to my new blog. For those who have not subscribed, please check out the new Diary of a Lunacian at Paragraph.xyz. I will continue to regularly write in the new Diary of a Lunacian and post my Meta Reports when the new Season starts.

For now, I highly recommend you check out my first post on my new blog - Is Axie Infinity worth playing? A gamer's perspective (Sept 2023).

Thank you so much again for all your support! See you in the new Diary of a Lunacian!

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