7 Uncommon Archetypes to Play in Season 5 Mystic Era in Axie Infinity: Origins

By now you may be bored of playing (against) Leafy, Poison, Topaz, Sustain, Hot Butt, Jinx etc. from the Epic Era. If you are looking for something else to play in this Mystic Era, read on to see some not so common archetypes that made it to the Top 1000. Maybe you can find some inspirations to build your own team to make it to the top!

Note that nothing in this post is financial advice. Some of the teams below require Mystic Runes and/or Charms to work. The costs of Mystic Runes and Charms could be higher than the AXS rewards from the Era depending on where you rank at the end of the Era. You can check axieboo.com for the Floor Prices of Runes and Charms and the Rewards of each Era.

Feather Descend Momo

Example of Feather Descend Momo team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Feather Descend Momo team (screenshot from axies.io)

Of course I want to start with Momo. For those that missed playing Momo since the Rare Era or just lucky to craft a Feather Descend, why not give Momo another go.

With Feather Descend, it provides Momo with more Feather Daggers to ramp up its Feather and Concentrate stacks a bit faster. We see this team at Top 200 at the time of writing, so there is certainly still some potnetial there, especially for players who may not want to invest too much in the Mystic Era. One Feather Descend is all you need. Pocky is handy when you want to direct your Feather Daggers (and Lil Bro) to a target that you already got them relatively low with Feathery Dart and Death Shower.

Heart of Ocean Sponge

Example of Heart of Ocean Sponge team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Heart of Ocean Sponge team (screenshot from axies.io)

This is actually quite a common archetype in the Mystic Era and we did see some Bubble teams in the end of the Epic Era. I decide to include this as it has gained considerable popularity and power level in the Mystic Era.

The main game plan is to use Sponge to convert Bubbles into Bubble Bombs. With the change with Sponge this Season, it makes it easier to play during a turn as it only costs 2 Energy now. Typically you would want to stack a lot of Bubble Bombs on the Heart of Ocean Axie as the Rune gives Bubble Bombs +50% DMG.

Nimo ears and tails + Energy Shard for ramp to gain an Energy advantage from early game. Gero to deal with teams with Shield. Square Teeth to detonate the Bubble Bombs with 0 Energy, which is very important as you would not want to need to spend 1 Energy to detonate the Bombs in certain scenarios. Mantis Dagger on Square Teeth also allow 0 Energy Discard, which can be important for certain matchups.

Fury Beast Aggro

Example of Fury Beast Aggro team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Fury Beast Aggro team (screenshot from axies.io)

Yes, Fury Beast Aggro (or as some people call it Monkey) can make it to Top 100. Endless Anger lets your Beast get to Fury faster. You need support Axies to gain Rage stacks with Confident, Mask of Frenzy, Shiba etc.

The back Mech with Last Stand can also get into Fury and deal massive damage, especially during Immortal. Shrimp with Rocket Stamp is good against certain team to target a carry.

The main reason we do not see more is that it is very expensive with multiple Mystic Runes to make it effective at the Top 100. It should be possible for a budget version to make it to Top 1000 but Endless Anger is hard to substitute if you want to keep up in the current meta.


Example of Sandal team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Sandal team (screenshot from axies.io)

We covered Sandal in the Epic Era. Here is an example of an upgraded version with Mystic Runes and Charms that is getting close to Top 100 at the time of writing.

Same game plan. Ramp and deal massive DMG. With Celestial Might being the cheapest Mystic Rune at the moment, it may be worth trying if you have (or can find) some good Sandal Axies.


Example of Perch team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Perch team (screenshot from axies.io)

If you do not want to have anything to do with Mystic, Perch may be the archetype for you. Endless Anger may not be the best for this team because you want to control when you get to Fury. For Perch to work, you rely on 0-Energy Beast cards with Mask of Frenzy to gain Rage to get into Fury, gaining extra Energy to fire off a massive Perch.

This particular team running Triple Perch gets up to Top 100 at the time of writing. A fun combo to try out though you will need specific Axies for it to work.

Brutal Claw Bleed

Example of Brutal Claw Bleed team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Brutal Claw Bleed team (screenshot from axies.io)

Brutal Claw Bleed may not be the most competitive archetype but it is certainly capable to get to Top 500, maybe even Top 200. Some builds combine Poison and Bleed to make the best use of Paralyzing Glare.

Brutal Claw Bleed teams rely on Chubby with Hidden Razor to put a lot of Bleed stacks all opponent’s Axies. Paralyzing Glare makes Bleed and Poison damage more effective and the damage from the Rune scales with debuff stacks. Brutal Claw can deal a lot of AoE damage once there are enough Bleed stacks.

The main problems are that it can be a bit slow to stack the debuff and it is quite expensive in terms of the Mystic Runes and Charms needed for the archetype to work.

Feather Metamorphosis

Example of Feather Metamorphosis team (screenshot from axies.io)
Example of Feather Metamorphosis team (screenshot from axies.io)

There are many Sustain teams that are running Metamorphosis at the Top of the Leaderboard. If you want to play something a bit different, you may consider trying Feather Metamorphosis, which came up near the end of the last Mystic Era. It is not too competitive at the moment, with the best team closing in at Top 500 at the time of writing, but it can be fun to play (or watch) if you like combo team.

If you want more details on how the Feather Metamorphosis works, I wrote an article on it last season which has more information on how the archetype works. In brief, you get many Feather Daggers from Feather Descend and play many 0-Energy cards (including the Feather Daggers) during a pop off turn followed by Teal Shell to stack a lot of Shield on the Metamorphosis Axie to deal massive AoE damage. It is a fun combo to pull off when it works, though the nerf of Innocent Lamb and Metamorphosis makes the power level a bit lower than last season.


The list above is by no means comprehensive, but hopefully it gives you some ideas of what new archetypes you can play if you are bored with your existing team. Having said that, as a casual player I personally do not like the Mystic Era as much because Mystic Runes and Charms are a lot more expensive that Rare and Epic, meaning it is a lot more expensive to try out new and fun teams compared to the other 2 Eras.

At the end of the day, just play what you enjoy within your budget. By definition, not everyone gets to the Top. Perhaps one way to enjoy is to play a budget team, set a realistic target (e.g. reaching Challenger or a particular Victory Star), and aim towards reaching the target.

Good luck and have fun in the Arena! If you find the post informative and would like to see more, consider hitting the subscribe button, check out my Youtube channel, and use my lunacian code: maurice for a little support!

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