PEA Pre-Mining Rules

To reward early adopters and participants, PinkPea Finance’s first 2-week “Community Mining Program” will begin on April 19, 2022, at 8:00 (UTC+0) and is expected to last for two weeks. Users can mine 200,000 PEA each week, a total of 400,000 PEA for approximately 2-weeks. All PEA released during the pre-mining phase will be locked.

Pre-mining tokens lock until the PEA token is officially released. Once PinkPea Finance officially releases PEA, 50% of the pre-mined PEA tokens will unlock, followed by 5% every six days until all have unlocked in sixty days.

The mining output of each LP mining pool is according to the output factor. The mining output factor adjusts to the popularity and volume of the assets staked in our protocol.

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