PinkPea Finance PEA Token Pre-Mining Online AMA

Host: Good evening everyone, I’m Thomas, Community Manager of NEAR Insider. Many of the NEAR Insider community members are loyal users who have been part of the Near ecosystem since the early days. Today we will be interviewing PinkPea Finance, the hot project of the NEAR ecosystem Aurora chain. Today is an important day for PinkPea Finance as the PEA pre-mining has started. The guest invited is Pete, Head of Marketing at PinkPea Finance. Please say Hello to everyone.
The chat has been put on mute for everyone. Please do not panic. The chat will be muted for only some parts of the AMA, thank you.
Here how’s we will go about today’s AMA:

  1. Interview with Pink Pea Finance by host

  2. Quiz: I will drop the questions for communities and the top 5 fast fingers will be rewarded with 3 PEA airdrop rewards

  3. Networking (Live questions): — AMA: Chat will be open for the speaker to select the best questions to give answers to. 8 PEA will be the reward for this section
    Without wasting much time, let’s get it started
    First question is always an introductory question:
    Q1: Please briefly introduce the background of PinkPea Finance and the team.
    Peter: Hello everyone ~ I’m Peter and the Head of Marketing at Pink PeaFinance. I have over 20 years of experience in content and marketing, having co-founded a blockchain music streaming dApp and founded a record label.
    Since 2018, I’ve been focusing on the blockchain space with research on Web3, FinTech, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies.
    PinkPea Finance is a fully integrated Aurora DeFi optimizer. After launching on Aurora, PinkPea Finance will develop on BSC, AVAX, ETH, and many more to become a multi-chain protocol. It provides users with multiple DeFi services in one interface, so they do not need to switch back and forth between numerous protocols and chains. Ultimately allowing anyone to lower costs, save time and generate additional wealth.
    Q2: Can you tell us why the team founded PinkPea Finance and the problems it solves?
    Peter: The PinkPea Finance team consists of DeFi enthusiasts, and we became aware of some problems in the current DeFi market. In particular, the one-dimensional nature of most products. For example, lending platforms usually only provide deposit and borrowing services for crypto assets. Borrowers typically need to take the borrowed assets to other DeFi products to find ways to generate alpha. Currently, it is impossible to complete a wide range of financial management operations, such as lending, farming, and trading, all in one DeFi product. Ultimately, this drives DeFi users to move assets back and forth across multiple protocols. In addition to the high GAS fees associated with the constant transfer of assets, users have heavy time costs incurred comparing APYs across different DeFi products and tedious operational steps that create barriers to seamless financial management.
    The market is in dire need of an integrated DeFi platform. One that can enable users to maximize revenue and provide a complete one-stop-shop service, including lending, liquidity mining, and derivatives. PinkPea Finance is here to provide DeFi investors with everything they need in one place.
    Q3: Ethereum is currently the largest DeFi ecosystem, with many protocols and assets unmatched by any other ecosystem. Why did PinkPea Finance choose to build on the Aurora chain?
    Peter: While Ethereum remains the largest DeFi ecosystem, with a rich variety of dApps, assets, and liquidity unmatched by any other ecosystem, Gas fees of more than $10 are unfriendly to your average long-tail retail investors. These high transaction costs have started to stifle adoption and create chain congestion. Most transactions are now institutional.
    We can think of Aurora as an Ethereum Layer 2 network built on NEAR Protocol, which retains many of its unique features. In addition to being fully compatible with Ethereum and seamlessly deploying Solidity and Vyper smart contracts, Aurora also has a bridge built using Rainbow Bridge technology. The Aurora bridge provides secure and reliable license-free, pass-through transfers and data transfer services between Ethereum and Aurora. Meaning Aurora can enjoy the asset richness and liquidity of Ethereum Layer 1 and provide complete support for PinkPea Finance.
    The Aurora chain can process thousands of transactions per second, 50 times higher than Ethereum 1.0. The transfer of an ERC-20 token on Aurora costs less than 0.01 USD. On Ethereum, that would be 50Gwei, which is 5.40 USD on a 3000 USD priced ETH. The processing fee of Aurora is 1,000 times lower than Ethereum, and transactions have a finality of 2 seconds, which means Aurora significantly reduces the risk of preemptive trading (front-running) attacks. NEAR also uses a POS consensus mechanism, meaning Aurora is a greener chain.
    PinkPea Finance provides alpha hunters with an all-in-one product suite for their DeFi needs, and building on Aurora delivers lightning-fast, low-cost transactions. This combination creates an unparalleled trading experience not on offer anywhere else in the DeFi cryptoverse.
    Q4: What are the advantages or innovations of PinkPea Finance compared to other mining projects on the Aurora chain?
    Peter: PinkPea Finance offers liquidity mining, flexible-rate lending, leveraged yield farming, automatic compounding of various LP assets, and single-sided staking. PinkPea also has innovative functions for holders of their native vePEA governance token. For example, vePEA holders can boost their APY by up to 3X.
    PinkPea Finance Partner Pools offer higher returns than the rewards from our regular Vaults and include an extra NFT-based reward system. It allows our users and partners to align their incentives with PinkPea Finance in a meaningful way that provides mutual benefits for everyone.
    As well as maximizing user returns, PinkPea Finance is committed to reducing user risks. That is why we created a set-and-forget Infinite Looper. An advanced PinkPea Finance innovation, where intelligent signals trigger bots to either leverage or deleverage your position to automatically maintain a healthy debt ratio during market volatility while passively growing your assets.
    Q5: The position of the PinkPea Finance revenue platform is a yield aggregator, which helps users automatically and quickly choose the best investment strategy. Can you tell us how impactful the aggregator platform is?
    Peter: 1. A good aggregator should improve user revenue, simplify user actions, and meet and satisfy user demands.

  4. The product integration in PinkPea Finance can amplify user revenue through auto-compounding. Our staking function can help filter products with high security and yield on the chain to save time. Lending and leverage farming meets the needs of more experienced and risk-averse DeFi users.

  5. PinkPea Finance is also impactful for public chains or other dApps because it works on high-quality projects, bringing them a large amount of staking funds and increasing their TVL.
    Q6: How does the PinkPea Finance economy work? How does PEA bring value to the ecosystem? How can users get PEA?
    Peter: PEA is primarily an incentive. For example, the earnings of various revenue pools payout in PEA. vePEA plays a governance role. vePEA holders can vote on proposals and make decisions on the development of PinkPea Finance. vePEA holders can also boost the APY of selected pools by up to 3x. PEA holders can stake their tokens to obtain vePEA.
    The number of PEA tokens is 50 million. PinkPea Finance allocates 60% to reward users, 10% for early fundraising, 10% for team and tech development, 5% for airdrops to drive early liquidity, 5% for advisors, and 10% kept in a reserve fund.
    Users can obtain PEA tokens in many ways. For example, they can receive PEA when they participate in LP mining. PinkPea Finance also distributes a share of platform revenue in PEA to vePEA holders, who receive 2.5%, and PEA liquidity providers, who receive 2%. As more of our features come online, like Lending, Leveraged Farming, and Partner Pools, users will have more opportunities to obtain PEA rewards when using these products.
    Q7:What do you think is the biggest challenge of the current DeFi track? How can you successfully break out?
    Peter: The DeFi track is now relatively mature, and there are no more massive challenges in the strict sense, but there are still many obstacles to overcome if DeFi wants to develop further.

  6. Security and efficiency issues need to be addressed for DeFi to become a viable option for large-scale global finance. TPS and the vulnerability created by current interoperability solutions remain a critical test. DeFi must meet the stringent demands in these areas to achieve the massive growth we expect.

  7. The financial services on offer need to improve. The current DeFi product model is still relatively rudimentary, with swap, lending, and other basic features. Few dApps offer a complete range of high-tier products, like those in the traditional financial market. Secondly, although DeFi users have experienced explosive growth, the number of people who take the time to understand DeFi is small compared to the recent influx of users.
    In the future, I hope speed and security will improve to allow the industry to thrive and capture the large-scale global finance needs of the entire world.
    Q8: How quickly do you plan to attract users to the PinkPea Finance platform? What have you done so far?
    Peter: There are three main points we need to address.
    First of all, our initial focus is on the product experience, ensuring we provide users with the features they need through a smooth and intuitive experience.
    Secondly, to establish partnerships with more projects. We are in the process of building alliances with the leading dApps on Aurora to bring our users the best the ecosystem has to offer in one place.
    Thirdly, we will collaborate with quality global communities to inform them and raise awareness about PinkPea and the solutions it provides to the international DeFi community.
    We are constantly refining PinkPea Finance to make it the best product we can. We are also highly engaged with global DeFi communities and protocols. In the future, you will see us partnering with many projects and communities, and PinkPea Finance will be in the eyes of more people and gain more popularity among users.
    Q9: Can you tell us about PinkPea Finance’s partners? And how is PinkPea Finance expanding its market?
    Peter: Although launched on Aurora, PinkPea Finance is a key project in the entire NEAR ecosystem.
    PinkPea Finance officially launched on April 12. Simultaneously, NEAR Protocol’s official Twitter retweeted the news of the platform launch and publicly announced our strategic partnership to develop and enhance DeFi on Aurora. With NEAR’s support, PinkPea Finance will focus more on contributing to the development of NEAR’s ecosystem.
    To expand, PinkPea Finance will acquire more DeFi users by continuously supporting high-quality asset mining and building partnerships with high-quality projects. In terms of product, PinkPea Finance, as a fully integrated DeFi optimizer, provides users with five components: Vaults, Lending, Leverage, Boosting, and Partner Pools, to meet current industry demands. As of April 17, the Vaults section is online with 12 LP auto-compounding pools, including TRI-USDT, TRI-wNEAR, wNEAR-ETH, wBTC-wNEAR, USDT-wNEAR, USDC-wNEAR, USDC-USDT, TRI-AURORA, AURORA-ETH, stNEAR-wNEAR, stNEAR-xTRI, and FLX-wNEAR.
    In addition, PinkPea Finance will focus on developing our Partner Pools. In the future, we will work with more DeFi protocols to help expand the NEAR ecosystem through synergistic partnerships.
    Q10: What can you tell us about the launch of PEA pre-mining?
    Peter: The PinkPea Finance platform token, PEA, starts pre-mining on April 19. Once pre-mining starts, users can receive PEA rewards on top of the native token APY rewards from staking in our Vault pools. Users can simultaneously accumulate free PEA while earning LP APY from their pool of choice.
    For complete information about PEA pre-mining and using our Vaults, you can follow our official Twitter account [@PinkPeaFinance] for project updates. If you have any questions, you can join our Telegram community [] to ask questions and contact our customer service. We are online 24 hours a day to answer any questions.
    Also, the first PinkPea Finance community airdrop activity ends in 1 days. Users can pick up some PEA by following our Twitter, joining the Telegram community, and visiting our website. There is 5,000 PEA to share.
    For the latest progress updates on PinkPea Finance, please follow our official channels:
    Host: From now on, here is you place@PinkPea Finance Assitant. PinkPea Finance Assitant will be posting Quiz questions and as usual, the fastest correct answers win!
    PinkPea Finance Assistant: Now enter the quick question and answer session. There are 4 questions in this session, and the first 5 correctly answered questions will receive 3 PEA airdrop rewards.

  8. Which chain is PinkPea Finance on? (Aurora)

  9. What is PinkPea Finance’s native token symbol? (PEA)

  10. When was PEA pre-mining started? (Apr 19 8:00, 2022(UTC+0))

  11. How many LP mining pools are already online at PinkPea Finance? (12)
    PinkPea Finance Assistant: Now enter the community interactive questioning session. Guest chose 5 questions to answer, and the selected one will receive 8 PEA airdrop rewards.
    Q1:Which track do you think has the most potential for future growth? What are the practical applications of blockchain technology, DeFi, and mainstream technology in 5 years? What are your expectations for the market?
    Peter: I think DeFi has the most potential for growth in the blockchain industry. Although GameFi, SocialFi, NFTs, public chains, underlying infrastructure services, and other areas are popular, I believe DeFi will play the most critical role in blockchain industry development.
    The second question is too far in the future to answer. Think back five years to how the industry was. We were all optimistic and expected a lot to happen, but it would have been hard to predict where we are now. No one has a failsafe crystal ball. I would like to believe traditional industries will widely adopt blockchain technology on a global scale within five years. I hope that it does not take five years, and the world can start to benefit from this outstanding technology as soon as possible.
    Q2: What is the next step of Pink Pea finance in Q2 2022? Is there any information that users must keep in mind?
    Peter: Q2 2022 is exciting! We have many developments coming. PinkPea Finance Vaults will continue to expand as we build more partnerships across the Aurora ecosystem. Our PEA token will officially launch and list on DEXs and CEXs. We will also introduce our vePEA governance token, which coincides with our booster function going live. vePEA token holders can boost their APY by up to 3x!
    Q3: How do the leverage and derivatives actually work in Pink Pea finance?
    Peter: Experienced DeFi investors looking to apply leverage can use our Leverage Yield tool once it goes live later this year. Leverage farmers can borrow assets to increase their farming positions, potentially generating higher returns. PinkPea Finance will offer up to 10X.
    PinkPea Finance also has an innovative industry-first tool, the Infinite Looper. We created the infinite looper so that users enjoy the benefits of leveraged strategies but simultaneously reduce risk. The concept combines looping (staking and borrowing in a loop) with two automatically moving and triggered price barriers that follow the market. When market conditions are favorable, the Infinite Looper will borrow more or repay during a dip and reduce the leverage to prevent liquidation. The Infinite Looper is an innovative set-and-forget strategy that deals with leverage and automatically monitors risk. The Infinite Looper is advanced and has to execute orders quickly to work efficiently. Another reason why the speed of Aurora on the NEAR protocol is significant to us.
    Q4: What is your strongest advantage that you think will make your team leading the market?
    Peter: The PinkPea Finance team’s diverse experience is a critical advantage. We come from many different fields and have vast experience working with CEXs and DEXs.
    Also, our unique one-of-a-kind product offering, like the Infinite Looper, sets us apart from everyone else.
    Q5: Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?
    Peter: We have an NFT reward mechanism as part of our Partner Pools!
    PinkPea Finance Assistant: Thank you Peter for your wonderful sharing! And thanks to everyone for their active participation! The Winners of PEA airdrop rewards please contact me to register your AURORA wallet address. Thank you. Please stay tuned to PinkPea Finance! We’ll see you next time!

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