hrtx blackpaper (ii.i)
In which a lunarpunk resistance is mounted against the hegemonic order…
In which a lunarpunk resistance is mounted against the hegemonic order…


At a time when narrative control is being centralized through Big Tech to Orwellian degrees, HRTX is building a decentralized autonomous information exchange with a self-capitalizing mechanism to power its special projects determined by the HRTX Guild.

Really, though:


  • A resistance movement cloaked in the culture of a game, HRTX deploys as an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that offers its role players anonymity while funneling real money into specific operations voted on by the players
  • Structured as a decentralized Guild of pseudonymous (elite) creatives and coders producing collectible NFTs which act as capitalization instruments for HRTX counter-propaganda and economic warfare campaigns
  • Deployed for the public as an immersive (unscripted) web3 reality game that is also an actual revolution
  • <The seeding of an alternative metaverse>


Like any strategic game, HRTX provides a narrative for its players to evolve through. This is ours:

To the heretical eye, it is increasingly clear that we are undergoing the largest and most sophisticated psychological warfare operation in world history. It is ingenious and multi-contextual. We are in awe.

Yet so far, the resistance has been weak; scattered and siloed into threads and channels on social media and messenger platforms. There is no crystalized message. No plan of action. No attempt to subliminally educate and convert the high-minded and well-intentioned.

But most critically: there is no strategic plan for capitalizing a response.

That’s where we come in.

HRTX understand there can be no realistic hope for any measure of ‘victory’ over the Opponent without a self-financing mechanism that has the engine to fuel the whole match.

A match waged across three concurrent contexts:


Fought in the hearts and minds of the populace with anti-propaganda produced at the level of design, humor, and branded messaging that weaponizes the most successful modern marketing products. Supercharged by an ingenious hype engine and influencer alliances that gather toward network effect, HRTX will establish the source point and repository for the evolving resistance narrative, all on-chain.


At its core, HRTX is a capital-generating enterprise that finances guerrilla ops. What begins as information warfare (counter-propaganda NFT campaigns) shifts into a very public economic warfare exercise (intelligence gathering on high value targets). We have mapped the spectrum of these outcomes, (see appendix below). But even if that effort successfully deteriorates the Opponent’s financial powerbase, then we still need…


It is not enough to wage a successful guerrilla op. To decisively neutralize the threat of this amorphous Opponent means an active deprogramming of the all players - starting with ourselves - who have been conditioned for millennia to deny their quantum power.  Without some form of deprogramming, new-era revolutionaries will unconsciously recreate the old centralized, hierarchical pre-quantum systems; just like the Sixties. Lots of questions around how that would work. In the immediate, we have been creating spaces for people to shift away from identifying with ‘sides’ the binary narrative, to viewing information more objectively and as an agnostic energetic system that conditions its participants.


Through the networks of its players, HRTX has been recruiting elite creatives, coders, investors, influencers and operators to join the Guild. Production-wise, its an agency model with a twist: creators get gamified pseudonymous accounts through which they team up with complementary team members - ie writers, producers, CGI artists - on community-determined campaigns.

some of the Guild at a weekly stand-up on the HRTX discord
some of the Guild at a weekly stand-up on the HRTX discord

Incentives for involvement are two-fold:

  1. payments for services rendered are made to their attached crypto-wallets
  2. a unique reputational currency is accrued through (ledger-verified) work on campaigns that grants them valuable agency and authority within the HRTX ARG ecosystem

HRTX will be the first pseudonymous agency.  User profiles will be rooted in Web 3 immersivity and data-driven graphical interfaces.


Deployment of HRTX will take place in phases:

In the first Phase, established NFT hype-agents will begin to socialize the narrative that HRTX is a new NFT exchange that auctions limited editions (LE) of revolutionary art to finance counter-propaganda campaigns and investigative missions.

The marketing narrative is: that the HRTX Guild is comprised of creators at the top of the commercial, design, and NFT sectors, but that they are working pseudonymously to protect themselves against retaliation from State or corporate actors. This means that collectors who could never hope to afford an authentic piece (as opposed to a reproduction) by these artists are now able to afford a genuine work of art by the highest tier of creator. While some may question the value of an anonymously produced piece of art, the quality will speak for itself, and the artist always has the option of revealing themselves at a later time. This should attract the attention of both art collectors and speculators who will, through this mechanism, be able to pick up pieces of art that otherwise would only be accessible through extreme high-end markets such as Sotheby’s auctions.

Further, these NFTs function as keys that unlock unique events and promotions including whitelisting for future releases by different artists, and “holder-only” events.

In subsequent Phases, HRTX will deploy further streams of engagement and economic opportunity. See the charts below for details on production of counter-narrative newscasts, exclusive gated events, IRL merch, and ultimately “Spoils of War”.


>>$HRTX (or X-tokens)

HRTX tokens are the exclusive currency of a parallel revolutionary economy. Purchase of HRTX products will be available exclusively holders of HRTX tokens. For example, minting of HRTX NFTs will be hardlocked to HRTX tokens, and trading of HRTX NFTs will be incentivized to occur through a HRTX exclusive marketplace, the HRTxCHG (exchange).

Supply is fixed at 5,555,555,555 HRTX, which will be released gradually into the market at a fixed rate. This fixed supply is reduced over time through deflationary burn mechanism. Tokens will be majority fairlaunch, with a small amount of supply available for presale.

>>$HRTK (or K-tokens)

Governance of HRTX (and all of its editorial, investigative, community, and financial matters) is determined via K-tokens, which are issued to select members of the HRTX Guild, based on their participation in HRTX campaigns and ratified by a vote of the existing K-holders.

Our current vision is that there will be a maximum number of 72 K-tokens at any one time.

The following slides elaborate the HRTX token economy and its governance mechanisms:


HRTX seeks funding from CULTDAO.

We are applying for a single funding distribution to aid in production of our initial NFT launch. We have already recruited a top-tier NFT artist (who’s most recent NFTs were sold exclusively at Sotheby’s) to oversee the Guild’s production of the seminal HRTX NFT series, the proceeds of which will be used to bootstrap our larger product launch including capitalizing the HRTX token liquidity pool.

HRTX’s initial NFT offering will be a monetary ‘note’ (laden with the necessary cryptographic esoterica) that will serve as the HRTX “store-of-value” currency; as opposed to $HRTX which will serve as the “functional currency”.

Think BTC vs. ETH.

This dimensional NFT, design-directed by our pseudonymous toptier artist, will integrate holographic 3D modeling and will serve as an experiment in generative NFT design wherein HRTX NFTs change over time depending on Key Performance Indicators (KPI) related to sales/ownership.

The returns to CULTDAO for financing this first project will be:

  • Private, pre-launch NFT viewing
  • Whitelist access to the NFT launch
  • 10 out of the 888 total initial HRTX NFTs. At a mint price of 1ETH each, this should immediately recoup CULT’s investment. However, we would advise selling them 6 months post launch to allow for increased market value.
  • To increase security and trust between the two groups, one of CULT’s initial Guardians will serve as go-between for the two groups and will host a CULT Proposal Workshop and Twitterspace AMA.

HRTX see ourselves as uniquely positioned to help CULT meet it’s ideals of accelerating decentralization and furthering the reduction of political corruption and corporate abuse. We hope this initial engagement can seed the beginning of a long partnership between HRTX and CULTDAO, with HRTX positioned as an “action attaché” to CULT.

If CULT are the financiers of the revolutionary society, HRTX are the mercenaries and propaganda operatives.

Each HRTX project will be open for financing from CULTDAO. Further, HRTX will be open to direct payment-for-action contracts through our network of operatives. Returns will be negotiated on a project-by-project basis between HRTX and CULT. In exchange for funding of projects, CULTDAO may receive:

  • Crossbranding including the publicity and notoriety associated with our operations.
  • Ability to whitelist NFT and product releases to the CULTDAO community
  • Ability to access presales of tokens


[some slides from our internal presentations that may further illuminate our theses]

Gaming the Resistance
Gaming the Resistance
Upvaluing the heretical economy
Upvaluing the heretical economy
Web2 ~~> Web 3 paradigm shift
Web2 ~~> Web 3 paradigm shift
Core Loop for Street Game
Core Loop for Street Game
the spoils of war
the spoils of war
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scan to visit the HRTX feed (mobile only)
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