Fundraiser: Malayan Orchid
May 8th, 2022

First of an extended trilogy, Malayan Orchid is an installation-based work, that is centred around a collaborative graphic novel written by Rafi Abdullah, designed by Studio Darius Ou, with art by artist Tristan Lim.

Set in the year 2024, the graphic novel follows the story of a security officer at an amusement park discovering phantom poems in the crevices of her place of employment. What ensues is a journey of discovering historicities and encountering memories unbeknownst to her. Fumbling through speculative fiction, autobiographical truths, half truths, 'hard truths', and lies, the work is an attempt at revising revisionism.

Installation view and close-up documentation
Installation view and close-up documentation

The work was presented as part of Nodes of Silence, an exhibition exploring the various degrees of silence, curated by Yashini d/o Renganathan. The exhibition was organised with the partnership and collaboration of the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) and the Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf).

We are making available the 1) triptych print as an NFT to be auctioned, 2) the physical copies of the graphic novel, as well as 3) the digital copies of the graphic novel; as part of an effort to raise funds in support of the two aid associations. All proceeds from the fundraiser will be split equally between the two associations, and for any queries regarding the fundraiser or the artworks, please reach out to:

rafi [at] tonewentities [dot] com

Malayan Orchid (Triptych)

Malayan Orchid (Graphic Novel)

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